Mini-golf concept backed by Rory McIlroy now open in South End

Mini-golf concept backed by Rory McIlroy now open in South End

Puttery's "Library" course. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

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South End’s newest, swanky mini-golf concept, Puttery (backed by Rory McIlroy) is now open.

Why it matters: Dallas-based golf-entertainment Drive Shack Inc., CEO Hana Khouri explains that Puttery is a 21+, immersive experience that puts a contemporary spin on putting.

  • One of Puttery’s financial backers includes Rory McIlroy, a  lover of Charlotte who won this year’s Wells Fargo Championship.
  • Puttery’s first location in Dallas opened in September of this year. The brand has other locations planned in Houston, Miami, Philadelphia and D.C.

What to expect: Puttery’s South End location is 15,000 square feet and has two uniquely designed, nine-hole courses.

  • One is called Conservatory which is a desert-themed course with giant redwoods and cacti.
  • The second course is called Library and allows players to golf among bookshelves and ancient artifacts.

Pricing: Game reservations are $18/person and tee times are available in 90-minute time windows.

Take a break and lounge at one of Puttery’s two bars or additional seating areas. There are also garage-style doors that open to a patio.

  • The menu consists of a curated selection of shareables plates as well as inventive craft cocktails.

Menu: Choose from a curated selection of shareable plates and inventive craft cocktails.

When choosing where in Charlotte to plant Puttery, Khouri says that South End fit the target demographic. “With its vibrant nightlife and focus on entertainment, we know Puttery will be complementary to South End’s existing lineup of options, and a choice destination for locals and visitors alike.”

Location/hours: Find Puttery at 210 Rampart St., right near Sycamore Brewing. Hours are still being adjusted but are currently noon to 2am, depending on the day.

Here’s a look inside Puttery Charlotte:

Puttery entry way

The view when you first walk into Puttery. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios


This is the main hallway that leads to the two mini-golf courses. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios


Navigate around cacti and Redwood trees on the Conservatory course. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

Puttery library course

Puttery’s “Library” course. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

Puttery food

Quite the food spread. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

Sliders, anyone? Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios


Puttery’s house margarita. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

Puttery drink

Both courses have themed cocktails to go along with the setting. Pictured here is the ‘Proper Old Fashioned’ which is a specialty on the Library course. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios


This is one of Puttery’s many lounge areas. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

Puttery Charlotte

Photo courtesy of Puttery.

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