6 of our favorite things we ate this month — from biscuits to bone marrow

6 of our favorite things we ate this month — from biscuits to bone marrow

Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios

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This month, it’s all about the hand-helds, we’re talking sandwiches, tacos, and even bone marrow tare-tare that doubles as a luge.

Here are 6 of our favorite dishes from the past month (listed in no particular order).

(1) Chicken biscuit picnic box for two from 300 East

I tend to be a creature of habit, but recently I was in the mood for takeout from somewhere outside of my usual rotation. I went with a chicken biscuit picnic box for two from 300 East. It came with biscuits, fried chicken, mac and cheese, slaw and two cans of wine for $21. 10/10 on price and taste for me.  — Bri Crane, reporter

Location: 300 East Blvd.

300 East

(2) Bacon, egg and cheese with a side of hashbrowns and black coffee from Pressley Park

Sometimes, living in this town that’s always growing and evolving, you just need a simple breakfast with straightforward coffee in a restaurant that still has old-school Hornets memorabilia all over the walls. All for less than $10. — Michael Graff, reporter


Location: 740 Pressley Rd.

Pressley Park

(3) Banh mi tofu, Bangkok shrimp and duck with mole from White Duck Taco

White Duck Taco was always one of my favorite places to eat in Asheville, so when it opened in Charlotte, I was excited to live five minutes away from the restaurant, instead of two hours. The duck with mole taco has always been my go-to order, but the flavors in the Bangkok Shrimp and Banh Mi Tofu were excellent too. Chips and queso and street corn made perfect side dishes. — Danielle Chemtob, reporter

Location:  1020 East 10th St., Suite 3

White Duck Taco


(4) Bone marrow tare-tare from Bardo

The new luxury consignment store Street Commerce co-hosted a fashion show and dinner event with Bardo in August. My favorite course was the bone marrow tare-tare, which you ate in two parts. The first was scooping the tare-tare out of the bone. Then, everyone in the room poured a shot of whiskey down the bone and shot it back like a luge. So fun, very tasty. The dish isn’t something you can just order at Bardo since the Wilmore restaurant is a tasting menu concept only, but maybe chef Michael Noll will make it a regular dish. — Emma Way, reporter

Location: 1508 South Mint St.

Bardo x Street Commerce dinner

Emma pouring a shot of whiskey into the bone marrow “luge.” My supervisor is cooler than yours.

(5) Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

I have been wanting to try Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit for the greater part of a year, and I finally decided to go and check it out. Even though I wanted to order all of the biscuits on the menu, I knew I shouldn’t do that (this time). Instead I went with a classic b.e.c biscuit. The biscuit sandwiches are huge and so filling, but let it be known that they may cause you to happy dance in public. — Symphony Webber reporter

Location: 327 West Tremont Ave., Suite 186

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

(6) Spicy turkey from Common Market

It’s a hot sandwich, and I got it on a wrap and added avocado. It also comes packed with grilled turkey with red bell peppers, red onion, banana peppers, pepper jack cheese and spicy mustard. — Katie Peralta Soloff, reporter

Location: 235 W. Tremont Ave.

Spicy turkey wrap from Common Market

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