From the source: Q&A with the founders of a Charlotte fashion institution

From the source: Q&A with the founders of a Charlotte fashion institution

Photo via TRC.

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This content was created in partnership with Taylor Richards & Conger. 

Taylor Richards & Conger opened in 1986 when Glen Taylor, Richard (Dick) Pattison and Lyn Conger decided it was time to bring European menswear to the southern gentlemen of Charlotte.

The results: Taylor Richards & Conger’s 6,000 square foot store boasts prestigious menswear and luxurious women’s clothing lines.

Taylor has since retired, but we sat down with Pattison and Conger to talk personal style, trends and more.

Left to right: Lyn Conger, Richard Pattison, Stevie Bond, Jay Darji, Chris Estridge, Abby Levinson, Nitsa Matalas, Katie Milam, Tim Pait, Martha Jones, Scott Morgan and Doug Gravely. Photo via TRC.

When did you first get into this industry?

Pattison: At the age of 16, I got my introduction to the world of men’s clothing at a small men’s shop in Kinston, NC. I had been working at a local tobacco field, and I saw these cool guys standing around in an air-conditioned store with pressed clothes and thought, I can do that job. 

Conger: I started working with Dick in 1979 as a summer job in Charlotte. I had a general interest in fashion and clothing, but the business parts of this industry had really driven me as much as the fashion.

    Do you remember the first luxury item you purchased?

    Pattison: The first piece I bought was a made-in-Italy Giorgio Armani navy blazer. That was the coolest brand of the decade, and I thought I was the coolest guy in Charlotte because I had that blazer. 

    • I probably would have slept in it if I could have. 

    Conger: I’ve always been a blue jean guy, but I was working at the mall and I got some flannel pants. I was excited about having a pair of pants that cost more than $25.

    The first time I took them to get dry cleaned, the dry cleaners lost them. I hadn’t even finished paying for them yet!

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Pattison: My style acknowledges the trends of the past but incorporates the fit and the fabrics of today. I still feel there’s a certain way men should dress, but my style is fluid enough to incorporate new styles.

    Conger: Like Dick, I’m receptive to new things. I’m also an advocate of “dress better than you have to.” I enjoy wearing a suit because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel capable, qualified and dressed for the part.

    How does your style influence the store?

    Pattison: Every piece in the store is hand-selected by us. If we don’t like it, you won’t find it in our store, and I think that’s a unique point of view for a retail store in today’s world.

    • The TRC guy can wear multiple brands at the same time and still look very coordinated.

    Conger: Our point of view in the store is eclectic – we curate the best quality and the most modern brands that we can.

    What trends are you paying attention to right now?

    Pattison: It’s all about comfort; COVID-19 had a big impact on the trends. Our buying team curates the collections it seeks out into a comprehensive offering each season. Our clients are looking for products with a softer, easier fit.

    Their top picks at TRC right now:

    Lyn Conger:

    Giannetto Sport  Shirt

    Photo via TRC.

    Officine Creative Kombo Sneakers


    Photo via TRC.

    Nic Tailor Boxer Trunks

    Photo via TRC.

    Richard Pattison:

    Brunello Cucinelli Lace-Up Ankle Boots

    Photo via TRC.

    Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Sweater

    Photo via TRC.

    Lardini Sweater Jacket

    Photo via TRC.

    Browse TRC’s current collection online or stop by the store in SouthPark’s Phillips Place shopping center.

    This content was created in partnership with Taylor Richards & Conger. 

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