The company helping Charlotteans lose weight without exercise or counting calories

The company helping Charlotteans lose weight without exercise or counting calories
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This content was produced in partnership with PHD Weight Loss.

PHD Weight Loss is a doctor and dietitian developed and individually-delivered weight loss program that just opened its first Charlotte location (and its fifth nationwide).

So far, PHD has helped 6,000+ clients lose over 100,000 pounds. The program has two primary goals:

  1. Increase your energy
  2. Reduce inflammation

Waiting room at PHD Weight Loss’ Charlotte location

3 questions with founder Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD

1. What sets PHD apart?

We are obsessed with challenging the standard ways of thinking when it comes to nutrition and weight loss. We use a holistic, food-only based program- no supplements, drops, shots or hormones. We understand that your body is much more complicated than calories in and out and that weight gain isn’t your fault.


2. What’s the process like?

We work with each of our clients to create a tailored meal plan and program that focuses on behavior change, nutrition counseling and education, cognitive behavioral work, and a ton of accountability.

  • Clients work with health coaches, nutritionists, life coaches and certified PHD consultants, along with an advisory board of physicians and PhDs in psychology along their wellness journey.

Plus, we offer free maintenance support, for life. Understanding that for most of our clients, weight loss is an addiction recovery process, we will never leave your side.

3. What inspired you to start PHD?

Severe dieting and extreme exercise plans do not lead to sustainable weight loss.

I was a professional athlete– a ballet dancer actually and was told I was fat countless times despite cutting calories and exercising all the time. I went on to earn my PhD in sports nutrition and chronic disease. After 15+ years of education in the field of weight loss and metabolism, the PHD approach was born!

  • 95% of PHD clients reach their optimal weight goals and 85% of those who participate in their free, for life maintenance program maintain their weight loss within 3lbs!

PHD uses a special scale to measure body composition

3. How does the process work?

  • Our first step is designing a customized meal plan for you. We make it really simple to follow. No hunger. No cravings. Your program is tailored to your lifestyle, metabolism, and unique body
  • Each week, our clients have weekly one-on-one coaching and accountability sessions.
  • And then lastly, maintenance. We are known for our maintenance program which is free and for life.

3 questions with Brad Kimbirl, PHD client

Kimbirl started with PHD Weight Loss in April 2021 and has lost 40 lbs so far. 

1. What’s the process like?

I had never been on a “formal” diet before so I came into this as a novice, but the PHD process is very doable. The food is very good, easy to fix and helpful to fit into a busy life.

  • As I started seeing success, I became more knowledgeable and confident.

These vibration plates are used to promote lymphatic drainage and PHD clients have lifetime access to them. 

2. Were there challenges along the way?

Honestly, if you have a strong enough “why” the challenges are easy to overcome. Jessica [Brad’s PHD Consultant] was always available, encouraging, educating and helping to hold me accountable.

3. Why did you choose PHD?

PHD Weight Loss has a strong bench of educated and dedicated employees. It’s also flexible to work with any food allergies or challenges, and the program is a lifestyle change, not just a weight loss plan.

The PHD Weight Loss program has and is having a positive impact on my life. I feel as though I sleep better, focus better, have more energy and just feel better all around!

PHD clients’ before and afters

Julie dropped 123 lbs. Photos via PHD.

Chris dropped 97 lbs. Photos via PHD.

Kipper dropped 77 lbs. Photos via PHD.

Sara dropped 83 lbs. Photos via PHD.

Sue dropped 95 lbs. Photos via PHD.

Ready to begin your own weight loss journey? Call PHD Weight Loss’ Charlotte location at 1-980-237-9090 to get started.

This content was produced in partnership with PHD Weight Loss. Individual results will vary.

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