Where to eat in Charlotte based on you zodiac sign

Where to eat in Charlotte based on you zodiac sign

Dumplings form The Dumpling Lady in Optimist Hall. Photo: Ted Williams/Axios

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Let the stars settle your (daily) “where to get dinner” debate. Here’s which local restaurant to try next based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Dumpling Lady

Why you should go: Aries, with your bold, passionate and direct nature, you appreciate a focused menu and chefs who do a few things well versus a Cheesecake Factory-style menu. The Dumpling Lady’s menu features dumplings, noodles and dim sum — a thoughtful celebration of Chinese cuisine.

dumpling lady dumpling

Ted Williams/Axios

Taurus: Beef ‘N Bottle

Why you should go: You’re reliable, uncompromising and have an affinity for the finer things, making Beef ‘N Bottle your go-to spot. A juicy steak and a glass of Merlot over a candle-lit white tablecloth dinner are calling your name, Taurus.

beef n bottle exterior

Ted Williams/Axios

Gemini: Soul Gastrolounge

Why you should go: Making decisions isn’t your strong suit, Gemini, which means small plates and tapas are your friend. Head to Soul with a group of friends and order multiple dishes to share (don’t skip the Asian glazed pork belly tacos). The lively atmosphere and creative menu will satisfy your curiosity and adventurous side.


Pork Belly tacos at Soul Gastrolounge. Ted Williams/Axios

Cancer: Dot Dot Dot

Why you should go: Cancer, with your imaginative mind and moody spirit, you’ll love the dark cozy setting and creative farm-to-table small plates at Dot Dot Dot. Plus, a delicious, stiff cocktail might help ease your social anxiety.


Ted Williams/Axios

Leo: Good Food on Montford

Why you should go: Generous, creative, ambitious and passionate, there’s no better match for Leos than Good Food on Montford. The menu is a beautiful celebration of simple foods done well.

good food on montford bun

Ted Williams/Axios

Virgo: Al Mike’s

Why you should go: Virgo, Al Mike’s shares all of your best qualitiesreliable, practical and a friend to all. Delight in its dependable menu and atmosphere.

al mikes

Ted Williams/Axios

Libra: Little Mama’s

Why you should go: Often the peace maker of the group, Libras will appreciate the crowd-pleasing comfort of Frank Scibelli’s food. Plus, the cocktail program and contemporary design will please your high-brow taste.

little mamas southpark penne alla vodka

Ted Williams/Axios

Scorpio: Leah & Louise

Why you should go: Passionate, loyal and intuitive, Scorpios will appreciate the soulful storytelling behind Leah & Louise’s food. Owners Greg and Subrina Collier have received national accolades sure to impress the most discerning Scorpios.


Emma Way/Axios

Sagittarius: Fern

Why you should go: Optimistic, fair-minded and focused on inspiring others to live their best life, you’ll love the fresh, plant-forward options at Fern, Sagittarius.


Emma Way/Axios

Capricorn: Steak 48

Why you should go: Capricorn, you’re a disciplined and responsible high-achiever. You’ll feel right at home at Steak 48, where you can spring for a 40-ounce tomahawk wagyu rib chop for two and a kitchen view suite.

crispy shrimp at steak 48 in charlotte

A popular appetizer, crispy shrimp ($16) with sweet thai chili and garlic aioli. Ted Williams/Axios

Aquarius: Community Matters Cafe

Why you should go: Humble visionaries, Aquariuses will appreciate the cause-driven ethos behind Community Matters Cafe. Plus, the expansive covered patio and food are delightful.

community matters cafe

Emma Way/Axios

Pisces: The Common Market

Why you should go: Pisces, with your love for art and intrinsic exploration and go-with-the-flow attitude, there’s no better vibe than Common Market’s. Go ahead, contemplate the meaning of life over a cold cut or a cold brew.

common market sandwich

Paige Hopkins/Axios

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