Customer Service

This position has been filled or has expired. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.

Hi. We are a South Charlotte Dental office that believes in being Progressive. We like to have the highest standards of Dental care in a relaxed high tech environment that allows for maintaining good customer service and creating relationships.

We are hiring our newest team member to join us! We are looking for someone who is:
• Super friendly-everyone hates the dentist
• Can multitask…and we mean REALLY multitask. All day every day. No excuses.
• Humble…there’s a TON to learn. We’ll teach you.
• A hustler…we work hard!
• Good computer skills…you spend a lot of time on the computer.
• Excellent phone skills…it REALLY matters
• Able to laugh and joke…we do it all day 😂
• Understands what TEAM means….we are one of the best dental teams in South Charlotte.
• Able to handle stress…not going to sugar coat it…there are very stressful days sometimes
• Self motivated to learn and grow to your best potential. We like seeing that and will recognize it.
• Punctual…missing or being late to morning huddle because you stopped and got coffee can throw the whole day off. Just be there on time.
• Attention to detail…details also REALLY, REALLY matter. In accounts, in charts, with insurance. It ALL matters.
• Able to wear a N95 mask ALL DAY LONG. We encourage breaks but you MUST be outside the building and social distancing. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy. We set a very high standard and hold everyone accountable. (We will provide masks)

*No need for experience in a dental office to apply for this job. But you MUST meet every requirement.

It is a Full-time job. We work Tuesday- Friday.

Some benefits include accrued vacation time, paid holidays, free Dental work for you and immediate family (except for lab fees), ample opportunities for extra compensation beyond your salary.

You will be doing Frontdesk- check-in responsibilities like making appointments, handling insurance and answering phones etc…

Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus!