Grounds Maintenance Worker

An employee in this class performs a variety of routine unskilled and semi-skilled grounds maintenance tasks requiring the use of hand tools and light to medium equipment operation. Work involves operating equipment to cut grass, edge, mulch, fertilize, prune and trim trees, weed, weed-eat, remove leaves and snow, maintain flower beds, pots and hanging baskets, and other similar tasks in grounds and landscape maintenance. Employee must be conscious of safety methods to avoid injury to others and self. Employee is subject to hazards in grounds maintenance work including working in both inside and outside environments, in extreme hot and cold weather, and exposure to various hazards such as noise, moving mechanical parts, chemicals, dusts, atmospheric conditions, and oils. Duties may expose the employee to human body fluids and thus the work is subject to the OSHA requirements on blood borne pathogens. Work is performed under regular supervision and reviewed while in progress and upon completion to determine that proper work methods are being followed and that assignments are carried out correctly.

• Works as a member of a grounds maintenance crew responsible for maintaining assigned Town grounds by cutting grass, trimming and edging, mulching, weeding and other landscape and grounds maintenance activities.
• Operates a variety of hand tools and power equipment including, but not limited to, riding and push mowers, hedge trimmers, loppers, weed eaters, blowers, chain saws, pole saws, shovels, rakes, stump grinders, and other light equipment for landscaping and tree maintenance activities.
• Performs all aspects of tree and shrub maintenance including hedge and tree trimming; tree removal; pruning; removing fallen limbs and trash; and raking leaves.
• Plants shrubbery, flowers, and grass; waters, weeds, fertilizes, applies pesticides and herbicides, and mulches plants.
• Performs leaf removal and leaf blowing on Town grounds.
• Shovels and removes snow and ice; spreads sand over icy sidewalks and walkways.
• Picks up trash in common areas, greenways, parking lots and rights-of-way; cleans culverts and other drainage structures; blows and sweeps sidewalks, gutters and streets.
• Loads and unloads mulch, dirt, stone, timber and heavy mechanical equipment.
• Operates trucks and small motorized equipment safely and efficiently.
• Performs equipment inspection to ensure proper operation; ensures cleanliness and proper storage of tools and equipment after use.
• Assists other department employees in performing a variety of custodial, construction and maintenance work.

• Hiring Range: $33,373 – $42,550
• Salary Range: $33,373 – $51,728