Spiked seltzer festival hosted by Summit Seltzer kicks off this June

Spiked seltzer festival hosted by Summit Seltzer kicks off this June

A variety of spiked seltzers at Summit. Photo: Emma Way/Axios

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Tickets are now for sale for a one-day spiked seltzer festival called Seltzer World this summer.

Why it matters: Charlotte’s love of spiked seltzer is rising with the temperature. The city will host its first spiked seltzer festival called Seltzerland this Saturday, April 17 at Paradise Valley Golf Club in University City. But in June, Seltzer World will highlight more local brands like Summit Seltzer (the festival’s host) and NoDa Brewing’s Brizo.

What to expect: The June 5 event at Summit Seltzer in the Wesley Heights neighborhood will be split between two tasting sessions, one from 12-3pm and one from 4-7pm to allow for social distancing.

  • In addition to over 75 seltzers to taste, there will be food from local restaurants to be announced later.
  • Summit World will also have live music and a few local craft vendors for shopping.
  • No tickets will be available day-of, and masks are required when guests are not actively eating or drinking.
Summit Seltzer, non-alcoholic seltzer

Non-alcoholic seltzer at Summit. Photo: Symphony Webber/Axios


  • General admission: $35 for a 3-hour tasting time slot, a commemorative tasting glass, and unlimited samples of seltzer and craft beer.
  • VIP: $50 for the above plus a seltzer craft cocktail, catered food, coffee bar, goodie bag and lounge seating.

Seltzers to taste: Guests can taste over 75 seltzers from both local companies and nationally known brands.

  • Local craft seltzer vendors include Summit, D8, Bubs, Brizo, El Clomado, Catawba Twist and Hi-Current.
  • National brands include Bold Rock Seltzer, Bon & Viv, Kona and — yes — White Claw.
  • Full list here.

Zoom out: So what’s with the hype around spiked seltzer? “It’s just a fun drink,” Kristin Cagney told me last month. “It’s the spirit behind seltzer. It’s a summer drink and people are finally seeing the sun again,” both in terms of the weather and the light at the end of the tunnel in the pandemic.

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