Marketing Manager

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ToGather is an event management solution that integrates the best of an all-in-one, online tool and an experienced event planner with the ease of online shopping. With our curated collective of venues, florists, photographers, caterers, planners, entertainment providers, and hospitality experts, we know we can deliver the dream event. Using our set of custom collections, we make getting started easier and faster. It’s not one thing; it’s everything. The promise is this, we’re here for our clients and whatever it takes to bring their style of celebration to life.

Marketing Manager is the main input & output for company communication and project management within the marketing departments. Their main objective is to continue to grow and consistently represent the ToGather (TG) & QC Catering (QC) brand in the Charlotte community, and internally.

Marketing Manager is the main input & output for every encounter with our brand. Our MM is charged with trend setting content creation on all web and social platforms. First impressions and the ability to communicate a powerful story to every audience is so important. Only someone with great communication and project management skills will be able to do this for a service that has never existed before like our Start-up at ToGather. Your main objective is to continue to grow and consistently represent the ToGather (TG) brand in the community, and internally.

Expected hours are 40-48 hours per week on average and potentially more during increased seasonality business. More important than hours worked is the ability to get the job done and ensure company success.

• Preferred 2 years or more of Project Management experience.
• Minimum of 4 years of Marketing experience.
• Exemplary planning and time management skills.
• Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize daily workload.
• High level verbal and written communication skills.


• Execute annual, quarterly and monthly marketing strategic plans and provide monthly reporting on analytics and growth.
• Capture and hone the voice of ToGather, ensuring consistent messaging across all media and platforms, internally and externally. This includes all company copy. (text and email templates, creative writing, etc.)
• Social media management and elevated engagement across multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Etc.) for ToGather, QC Catering and Venues.
• Oversee and create Social Channel design and content creation (Facebook Timeline cover, pictures, videos, LinkedIn, etc.)
• Create, manage and monitor all social media ads. Constantly developing comprehensive understanding metrics and how to increase ROI.
• Manage TG & QC online presence, including increased traffic to websites, blogs and other online resources.
• Help execute promotional events.
• Create and distribute e-newsletters via Email Software.
• Constantly refine all company visuals. (sales materials, menus, templates and content library)
• Create and ensure a cohesive user experience from start to finish with the CMO.
• Work with the team to brand a recruiting program for all company positions. This includes marketing to attract and maintain top tiered talent, and research appropriate locations to post positions and identify competitive pay structure and benefits.
• Identify school relationships, career fairs and recruiting events that benefit the company.
• Post and run ads for TG & QCC available positions.
• General office duties, to be confirmed, and as needed.
• Project Management
• Consistently manage and oversee projects with direction from CMO, utilizing online system for project management.
• Company Event Scheduling and Coordination.

Current platforms/softwares:
• Squarespace | Website & Blog
• Adobe Suite | Creative Design
• Salesforce | CRM
• G-Suite | Email, Docs, Etc.
• Formstack | Intuitive Inquiry Forms
• TBD | Email Marketing, Social Media Manager, Holistic Marketing Manager

About you:
You believe in yourself. There’s something inside of you that you know the world has yet to discover, but there has yet to be a team around you that set you up for success. Your desire has always been to become the best version of yourself, and your life has been a journey of doing just that. You believe that the world around you has so much untapped beauty that you love helping others to discover. Your friends, your family, and all those you love would say about you that you are an achiever. Someone who would do whatever it takes to see something they believe in succeed.
• Belief in yourself and those around you.
• Innate desire to become the best version of yourself.
• Positive outlook in all situations.
• Love for challenges and exceeding goals.
• Ability to communicate emotion through design.
• Ability to communicate a powerful story.
• High EQ with infectious personality that inspires others to be great.
• Commitment to always give your best.
• Desire to positively impact company culture.

At ToGather you will be surrounded by a team of 5 pioneering hospitality professionals with over 100 years of experience. You will always be seen as the best version of yourself that we know you can become, and you will be invested in constantly throughout your career at ToGather. If you believe in yourself, the team around you, and work hard, our promise is that you will constantly win. ToGather. ToGether.

To apply:
Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘ToGather Marketing Manager
Application with your resume along with a paragraph sharing why you are the right fit for this position.