Rapid Chapter Launch Administrative Assistant

We are the world’s leading business referral organization with over 275,000 Members in over 10,000 BNI Chapters worldwide. In 2020 alone, BNI Members shared over 11.5 million valuable new client referrals and generated over $16.2B (USD) in revenue.

Many BNI Chapters are currently meeting using BNI Online™, a powerful and convenient platform that enables Members to continue sharing new client referrals. BNI Members are actively supported by regional, national, and global BNI staff that provide the training, structure and the technology needed for the continued success of BNI Members.

The Rapid Chapter Launch (RCL) Administrative Assistant (Admin) will be an instrumental person in direct support and day to day operations of the National RCL Program for BNI CORE Regions.

Admin will be responsible for direct support of the National Launch Director and indirectly the Managing Launch Directors (MLDs) across the CORE Regions. The main areas of focus will be event planning, zoom meeting arrangements, communications, reporting and weekly program routine support.

National weekly and monthly event coordination
• Build the zoom events, registration pages and coordinate presenters and schedules for the Monthly National Sprint 2 Day Events
• Weekly download of National Event attendance reports and distributing to MLDs.
• Facilitating edits to social media graphics and shareables for upcoming events for distribution to MLDs for monthly Regional and National Sprint Events
• Updating monthly calendar for upcoming LDC 2 training topics and revolving events
Weekly reporting and scorecard rollups
• Compiling data from each region to create and maintain a Master Scorecard.
• Ability to automate operations, manage Macro commands, work with Pivot tables and create MS Excel applications for daily and weekly reporting.
• Downloading registration reports before events and attendance reports after events for MLDs.
• Preparation for presentation in weekly meetings relating to Launch Performance.
Operations support for chapter chartering
• Compiling weekly list of upcoming charters for the purpose of scheduling and communicating zoom links, trainer assignment and ops approval for charter
• Direct liaison between RCL and the Ops Team for best practices and improved workflow towards launching chapters.
Direct support for national director of launch
• This will include meeting preparation, data collection, presentation editing and collaboration, Director communications, RCL calendar management and day to day operations.
• Ongoing collaboration on high-level Program Development including support document creation, systems, workflows and tracking mechanisms.

Core competencies:
• Detail Oriented
• Organization
• Verbal & Written Communication
• Adept in Technology
• Time Management
• Strategic Planning
• Problem Solving
• Resourcefulness

• Proven experience as a Virtual Assistant or relevant tole
• Advanced skills with MS Office suite, specifically Power Point and Excel
• Proficient with technology and computer-based performance tools
• Excellent communicator
• Solid foundation in system creation and execution
• Solid organizational skills
• Excellent time management skills
• High school diploma or equivalent education required.

To apply:
email: core-hr@bni.com