14 Charlotte-area food challenges for gluttonous glory

14 Charlotte-area food challenges for gluttonous glory
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Summer’s way behind us so it’s time to start packing on a few pounds for insulation through the colder winter months. These over-the-top food challenges (at local and chain restaurants) will help you get your hibernation body in shape for the season one gut-busting meal at a time.

Benny Pennello’s

Challenge: 28-inch pizza
Price: $40
Details: If you can finish an 8-pound pizza in an hour, you win $500.


Broadway John’s

Challenge: MEGA Burger
Price: $11.99
Details: If you can finish every bite of this 22-ounce burger, named after the owner’s grandkids (Mykelanne, Evangeline, Gianna and Addison), they’ll add your name to the wall of fame. Love the size comparison they provide alongside their regular 6-ounce patty.

BT’s Burger Joint

Challenge: 40/20 Challenge
Price: free if you finish
Details: You get 20 minutes to polish off this 40-ounce burger.

BT's 40/20 Challenge

photo via Facebook


The Diamond

Challenge: Midwood Challenge
Price: $15.95
Details: Two pounds of roast beef, ham, turkey, provolone, Swiss and American cheese on a giant bun with horsey-mayo. If you eat everything on your plate you get a Diamond t-shirt.

diamond midwood challenge

East Coast Wings

Challenge: Insanity Wing Challenge
Details: You get 8 minutes to eat 4 drums doused in their brutally hot Insanity sauce. You have to sign a liability waiver, must be 18 or older and are required to wear gloves. If you survive, you get a t-shirt and your picture on the wall. You can read a firsthand account on the “gastrointestinal assault” here (and this writer only ate one).

East Coast Wings

photo via Facebook

Hwy 55

Challenge: The Five Five Challenge
Details: Put away 55 ounces of burger with at least 4 trimmings on the bun and your meal is free. If that doesn’t send you over the edge the required side of fries and 24-ounce drink will.

Hwy 55

photo via Facebook


Challenge: Garbage Plate Challenge
Price: $35 (free if you finish)
Details: It’s a plate piled high with four 6-ounce patties, 1 pound of fries (or tater tots), 1 pound of macaroni salad, Kennedy’s meat sauce and four slices of French bread. If you finish it in 45 minutes you get your meal comped and your photo on the wall of fame. Note: This is a photo of the regular garbage plate, not the challenge plate. There’s at least twice as much food on the challenge plate.

Kennedy's Garbage Plate

photo via Facebook


Challenge: The Quadricycle
Details: This monstrosity is four patties (beef, turkey, veggie and meatloaf), cheese, bacon and toppings stacked between a bun with a grilled cheese in the middle just in case you thought the rest sounded a little too light. The challenge includes two sides of tater tots and you have 30 minutes to finish it all.


photo via Facebook

Mac’s Speed Shop

Challenge: The Fatboy Challenge
Price: $49 (free if you finish)
Details: You have one hour to take down a 5-pound sandwich stuffed with pork, sausage, brisket, pimento cheese, queso, slaw, pickles, onion rings, bacon and Mac’s Burnout sauce. Oh, and one more thing… It comes with a 1/2 pound side of macaroni and cheese. GOOD LUCK.


A photo posted by @lifeisamystery48 on

Maverick Rock Taco

UPDATED 11/1/16: Permanently closed.

Challenge: 5-Pound Burrito Challenge
Price: $25 (free if you finish)
Details: You get 30 minutes to inhale a massive 5-pound burrito stuffed with rice, beans, lettuce and all the fixings. I witnessed this attempt and sadly Payton did not succeed. It’s no joke.

Maverick Rock

Morgan’s Dairy Bar and Calf-A

Challenge: The Cow Pile
Details: This one isn’t in Charlotte (it’s just up the road in Stanley), but I’m giving it an honorable mention for the glorious wonder that is a 25-scoop ice cream sundae. You get up to 8 flavors and five toppings along with whipped cream and cherries on top. You get a T-shirt if you can finish it in 30 minutes. Cue brain freeze.

photo via Facebook

photo via Facebook


Challenge: The Clark Griswald
Price: $25 (free if you finish)
Details: If you can throw down 2.5 pounds of Queen City BBQ on a bun with slaw, hushpuppies and one side without throwing up, the meal is free and they’ll put your picture up on the wall.

Sauceman's Clark Griswald

photo via Facebook

The Tin Roof

Challenge: The Tin Roof Challenge
Price: $25.95
Details: You have to eat four peanut butter, honey and chicken sandwiches and 32 ounces of milk in 30 minutes or less. Sounds horrific.

Tin Roof Charlotte

Whisky River

Challenge: The Six Wide Challenge
Price: $24.99
Details: If a bun stacked high with six beef patties and American cheese isn’t enough to slow you down, keep in mind you also have to finish a pound of fries with it. You get 30 minutes.

Whiskey River Six Wide

photo via Facebook

Unofficial Charlotte food challenges I think should exist

I repeat: These are not real or endorsed by the Agenda but I think you should do them all.

Elizabeth Creamery: 1 scoop of every single flavor


JJ’s Red Hots: 15 JJ’s No. 1 Red Hots in 24 minutes (they’re located at 1524 East Boulevard, get it?)

JJ's Redhots hotdog

Pinky’s Westside Grill: all 4 Championship Burger patties – White Trash Burger, Maddy Patty Melt, Nature Boy and Jive Turkey – all on one bun with a required side of waffle fries for good measure

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