Now hiring: Charlotte-based Wyndham Capital Mortgage plans to double in size this year

Now hiring: Charlotte-based Wyndham Capital Mortgage plans to double in size this year
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The content was created in partnership with Wyndham Capital Mortgage.

Wyndham Capital Mortgage has been steadily growing since 2001.

The Charlotte-based fintech mortgage lender experienced substantial growth in the past few years alone.

  • The company doubled in size last year and they’re on track to do the same thing this year.

Much of their growth can be attributed to their digital mortgage lending process, says Jamie Cava, Team Lead for Talent Acquisition at Wyndham Capital.


“We heavily invest in technology. That’s the big difference between us and our competitors.”

“When you look at mortgage compared to other industries it’s really antiquated,” says Donny Kirby, the company’s Vice President of Sales. “There’s still a lot of pen and paper being passed around. We’re pushing the envelope to evolve the industry.”

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Wyndham Capital is known for offerings like no hidden fees and an unheard-of on-time closing guarantee.

Now hiring: I spoke with Cava and Kirby to get the inside scoop on Wyndham Capital’s hiring effort and find out why it’s a good time to get into the fintech mortgage lending game.

What roles are you currently hiring for?

“We’re hiring across the board,” says Cava, who notes that Wyndham Capital is divided into three position-type groups: mortgage operations, sales and corporate support. A big focus right now is on seasoned loan officers.

Here’s a sampling of some of their current openings in Charlotte:

Check out all of their open roles here.

Do I need to have mortgage lending experience?

Nope. A number of Wyndham Capital’s sales and corporate roles don’t require prior mortgage experience. On the sales side, they offer a Mortgage Associate training program to help get you up to speed on all things mortgage lending-related.

Wyndham Capital is also attractive for industry veterans because their automation and innovation have helped create a work-life balance many people crave.

If you want to get into the mortgage operations side of things, there are also stepping stones. Positions like Junior Processor or Closing Coordinator will get your foot in the door.

Bottom line: “We have a lot of entry-level roles,” says Cava. “You do not even need to have a college degree. We will train you.”

Tell me more about the Mortgage Associate training program. How do I apply?

“About once a quarter we’ll offer a virtual open house where a couple of loan officers speak and give an overview of the job and what to expect,” says Kirby. “After that, you’ll apply and go through an interview process. If we hire you, you’ll go right into the training program.”

The program includes 8-12 weeks of paid training. Associates will also need to pass the National Test with Uniform State Content (UST), as well as Federal and State pre-education requirements. After getting licensed, associates receive technology training and get the chance to shadow more experienced mortgage associates.

wyndham capital

Wyndham Capital’s HQ is located in SouthPark, however, most employees are currently working remotely due to the pandemic. // Mural by Kyle Mosher.

Kirby says that many mortgage associates enter the program right out of college, but you can apply at any life stage and experience level. “No matter your experience level, we’re looking for attitude as much as aptitude. We’re looking for people who care about serving others, have a growth mindset and are a good fit with our company culture.”

Upcoming training classes: The current Mortgage Associate training class is full but there will be another class in July and October of 2021.

How do you define a good culture fit?

“We hire more so for culture fit than experience,” says Cava. “You’re a team player. You want to learn and grow in a fun and friendly environment. A positive attitude.”

Willingness to learning, coachability, and being an eternal optimist is also key, according to Kirby. “And any sales job can be challenging to a certain extent, so the ability to overcome adversity can be important sometimes.”

What do you personally like about working at Wyndham Capital?

“This is the first company I feel proud to work for and feel happy to work for,” says Cava, who describes the company culture as a “family feel”.

Kirby recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary at Wyndham Capital and echos that sentiment. “We’re really as family-oriented as you can be. Being here for 10 years, I’ve created a lot of great friendships.”

Transparent leadership, competitive benefits and healthy work-life balance are a few other notable perks.

“This is a great place to start your career, change your career or continue your career,” says Cava.

Interested in a career at Wyndham Capital? Check out their current job openings.

The content was created in partnership with Wyndham Capital Mortgage.

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