Graphic Designer

We are currently seeking an experienced, creative Graphic Designer to join our growing organization. In this position, you will support Marketing and other internal departments to conceptualize, design and optimize creative assets and deliverables suited to the needs of these stakeholders. You will execute the strategic vision and creative process including but not limited to layout, illustration, animation, photography, typography, production, etc. for applications such as pitches/presentations, special projects, email marketing, digital and print advertisements, reports/templates, property marketing collateral, websites/intranet sites and HR/Corporate documents. You must ensure that the look and feel of each deliverable aligns with brand standards and best practices while also working to be strategic, relevant and visually appealing.

• Manage and lead multiple projects according to established priorities and deadlines.
• Meet with internal teams to determine the scope of a project.
• Design and layout a variety of creative materials (print and digital), translating creative requests and applying branding strategies and graphic design best practices.
• Use digital illustration, photo editing software, and layout software to create designs.
• Perform simplistic to complex photo manipulation.
• Troubleshoot and resolve output errors that occur once a file has been converted, such as faulty layouts, unexpected font alterations, etc.
• Effectively communicate technical information to non-technical audiences.
• Express desired moods and themes through accurate usage of color theory and integrate proper typography for smooth and easy-to-understand graphics display.
• Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations to help deliver a message.
• Review designs, correcting any grammatical and spelling errors, before printing or publishing them.
• Present design concepts to internal and external customers and incorporate changes recommended by client.
• Project File Organization:
– Maintain clean documents that are free of extra items such as additional layers, pasteboard clutter, unused images, etc.
– Review all design files, checking for up-to-date fonts and image links.
– Ensure that all files for projects are saved to corresponding folders
– Maintain organized project folders.
– Follow file naming conventions.
• Interface with executive level team members and present design projects and concepts.
Graphic Designer Skills and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience in design, advertising production and/or communications experience.
• Advanced proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Ability and willingness to learn new software platforms.
• Advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS required.
• Understanding of WordPress and Content Management Systems.
• Knowledge of media editing software (photo and video, working knowledge of web design principles, best practices, and content management platforms)
• Good organizational skills along with excellent time management.
• Strong attention to detail, proofreading and editing skills.
• Proficient with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
• Self-motivated and team-oriented