Social Media and Marketing Executive Specialist

Avant Publications LLC is a privately owned media company, headquartered in Mooresville, and looking for the right person to help us expand our social media footprint and capitalize on our current local content at our publications across the nation. We value team members who take initiative and provide an environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas. We believe that a great workplace consists of a dream team in pursuit of ambitious common goals and where employees can have a healthy work/life balance.

• Assist in the creation of social media posts that will sustain the curiosity of readers and create a buzz around any new products or services
• Collaborate with editorial team on creating informative and attractive content
• Report on online feedback and reviews from followers
• Suggest new methods to attract prospective customers, such as competitions or promotions
• Suggest ways to optimize content
• Maintain unified brand voice across different social media channels
• Manage multiple overlapping campaigns with different publications
• Coordinate marketing campaigns, including proofing copy, scheduling, testing, and database management
• Create, proofread, and edit copy for various marketing channels, ensuring consistent voice
• Create new shareable memes, content, and engagement opportunities
• Reply to customers and public figures through brand accounts
•Tracks delivery of social-content publishing schedule; collaborates with the local publications to ensure social is integrated with promotions that
•Assist with updates and delivery of print and electronic communication.

• First point of contact with our Publishers in answering questions about social media and the execution of our approach at each publication
• Leads education on social media best practices with employees
• Contributes to goal setting and conducts reviews of company work,
• Drives cross-channel communication and integration of approved social strategies with the executive team

• 3+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
• B2B Product/Service Marketing Experience
• BA/BS degree in communications, marketing, or related field
• Great creative writing and storytelling skills with proven results
• Experience with social operational tools like content management, publishing, and community management
• Proactive and creative approach to increasing media coverage
• Experience with marketing of digital products across multiple channels
• Sense of humor

To apply:
Send resume and cover letter to