The Chili Man cart lives on

The Chili Man cart lives on
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There’s a new Chili Man.

After Victory Werany, a.k.a. Vic the Chili Man, retired in February, many wondered what would happen with his beloved chili dog stand.

Then, over the summer, the Chili Man cart quietly returned with someone new scooping chili and unlimited toppings onto hot dogs. That’s Josh Parel.

Parel bought the business in July and trained under Vic to learn the menu.

Parel, a Johnson & Wales grad, has worked in a number of kitchens, but most recently ran a mobile ice cream cart called Screamery Creamery. He was looking for a way to cook more when the opportunity to buy the Chili Man cart came along. It was the right fit at the right time, he says.


Filling Vic’s shoes hasn’t been easy, Parel says. “He’s a character.” But he’s leaning into his new role. Maybe one day he’ll be known as “Josh the Chili Man.”

vic and josh chili man

Vic and Josh with the Chili Man cart.

Besides the man in charge, not much has changed. All chili dogs are still $5 with unlimited toppings — or get two and a bag of chips for $10.

Menu: Build-your-own-dog or choose from one of the “hot dogs with names!!!”

  • Chili Man’s Choice – Spicy mustard, cheddar cheese, and chili.
  • Q-Dog – BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, slaw, and onions.
  • Southern All the Way – Mustard, ketchup, chili, slaw, and onions.
  • The Life Changer – Grilled cheddar, spicy mustard, taco juice, chili, onion, and jalapeños.
  • Frito Pie Dog – Grilled cheddar, taco juice, chili, onion, jalapeños, sour cream, crushed chili cheese fritos.

Find the cart: Most evenings from 5-10 p.m. you can find the Chili Man cart at Pins Mechanical Co. on Tremont Avenue in South End. Find the cart’s full schedule here.

chili dog vic the chili man

Frito Pie Dog

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