Agenda for Monday April 27: Slurp some ramen at Futo Buta

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Hello Monday.

If you read Charlotte media, you know that Chipotle delivery is coming in mid-May. But, the real story is that Postmates is coming in mid-May. Postmates is the high-growth company providing the delivery service for restaurants like Chipotle, Taco Bell, Starbucks and many more local establishments. They’re like the Uber of delivery and well capitalized ($58 million in funding). Starting at $5 (if you’re within 1 mile radius of restaurant) +  9% of order, they’ll get you stuff, fast. They have slick iOS and Android apps. Devour our Agenda Briefing on their rollout.


Today’s Weather: 71. Sunny and 0% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: $24 million. Cost of the road realignment near the airport to streamline traffic, now complete.
Today’s Job: Charlotte Community Manager at high-growth startup Postmates. Go.
Today’s Charlottean: Joe Haubenhaufer, owner of Plaid Penguin, for successfully launching Rooster’s beautiful new website.


What’s the scoop on South End’s ramen house Futo Buta? 8 questions with Chef Michael Shortino
Danny chit chats and learns that Michael is a 3rd generation chef and the meaning behind the name of this ramen house. I love ramen and can’t freaking wait for this spot to open in early May.

Hex Coffee is cooler than all of us
Katie tweeted that Central Coffee had the only good cold brew in Charlotte and Hex tweeted back. Katie tried it and she now stands corrected. She also took down a waffle (Hex is into waffles).

Quitting isn’t just for losers
At the end of the night, Clay approached her boss.

Let’s go to the Zoo: My day trip to Columbia, South Carolina
Columbia is cooler than just pounding Bud Lights at Five Points, Erin walks us step by step through a perfect day trip.

Do you love popcorn? Tastebuds Popcorn opens at Metropolitan
Each batch takes 30 minutes to 4 hours to create. I’ve been snacking on the Dill Pickle Popcorn all weekend and my fingers still kind of smell like dill.


A 27 year old, Charlotte woman (South Meck Grad) was on Mount Everest during the earthquake in Nepal. Observer reports that Ashleigh Stumler was hiking down and is safe.

Panthers exercise the 5th year option on Luke Keuchly’s rookie contract. He’ll be guaranteed $11.1 million in 2016. He’s good looking and I heard he likes chilling at Cowbell in uptown. You know you’d date him.

Because of an old law, craft breweries suffer financially and beer distributors make money. Creative LoafingCharlotte Beer and Charlotte Magazine all (which shows you the importance of the topic) break down 2 bills that should be passed by the NC General Assembly. Fascinating.

Panera Bread is opening up at CMC Main this summer. CBJ reports that it’s going to replace that mediocre Garden Fresh Cafe & Caribou Coffee (bought way too much coffee from there when my baby boy was born).
Have a productive Monday and I really hope you’re not the batman collector that tried to get 3 “batarangs” through security at the CLT Airport last week. True story. View the Agenda Instagram of the batarangs.

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