20 things that make Cam Newton “Cam”

20 things that make Cam Newton “Cam”
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Cam Newton is perhaps the most known and highest paid athlete ever to play professional sports in Charlotte (excluding NASCAR drivers, maybe). And while he is having an average season on paper, he’s as responsible as anyone for the Carolina Panthers’ perfect record so far this season. He’s even been mentioned as a possible MVP candidate.

There’s a long way to go in the season, so if I may borrow a cliche from athletes, it’s one game at a time.

But right now, life is golden for Cam.

Hard core Panthers fans know everything there’s to know about Cam. For the casual Panthers fan, here’s a Cam Newton primer.

(1) At 6-5, 245 pounds, he’s a big dude. Like really big.

Cam Newton

(2) He lives in the same apartment building Uptown as Michael Jordan.

(3) He’s genuinely interested in giving back…


(4)  …especially to kids.

Cam-newton-CMS school pride


(5) In fact, after touchdowns, he gives the ball to a kid in the stands. Here’s an image of my friend’s nephew, Donavan, getting a ball from Cam last season.



(6) Cam has his own line of clothes at Belk.


(7) His style is unique (to say the least)!





(8) He loves crazy shoes, too.




(9) His favorite mode of transportation? A pickup truck. This is the new one…


(10) …because last season, he was involved in an accident that totaled his other one. How tough is he? He only missed one game as a result of the wreck.

(11) And was smiling as he laid on the road…

(12) Cam smiles a lot. Some say it’s cockiness. Panther fans know it’s just his way of channeling his emotions.


(13) He’s not like other QBs. He likes to cover his head with a towel on the sidelines.


(14) He infuriates opponents by doing this when he gets a first down:

cam first down

(15) He celebrates touchdowns by mimicking Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal the Superman emblem.


(16) But he’s really just a big kid at heart.


(17) Maybe that’s why the NFL establishment doesn’t like him. He’s not the traditional QB. He takes pictures like this on Instagram with his friends..



(18) And gets accused of promoting gangs. He got a little defensive and later posted this photo:


(19) For all the fun and gimmicks, he takes his job and life seriously. He doesn’t drink or smoke and is a pescaterian. Last summer, he completed a sociology degree at Auburn University.

(20) He’s smart, uber-talented and perhaps the toughest QB in the league. And if he keeps the Panthers winning, will have the last laugh.

(Photo credit: Parker Anderson for image of Cam on the line of scrimmage, Cam smiling, Cam with towel on his headGrant Baldwin for cover and other images of Cam at CMS School Pride Day; Panthers Game Day Program; Marcuse Nance)

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