Account Project Manager

This position has been filled or has expired. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.

Do you have a passion for working in an enthusiastic environment that you absolutely love each day? Do you value teamwork over everything, enjoy building relationships, and excel while efficiently managing your time and resources? Do you set deadlines that are non-negotiable and hit them every time? If you hate sitting in a cube farm and have been thinking about making a life change, you might be the person we’re looking for to fill our Account Project Manager position.

We’re searching for a self-motivated Account Project Manager with 2+ years of client-facing agency experience. This candidate will have an established history of managing account projects from start to finish, working collaboratively with clients and account teams, and effectively communicating with a creative team. This person will be able to coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of each project are on task.

Position objective:
Manage large-scale account projects while overseeing daily, small-scale tasks.


• Overseeing account projects from soup to nuts.
• Providing timely, high-level updates on account project status and success.
• Developing account project plans and recaps to share with clients, highlighting strategies, learnings, successes, and failures.

• Minimum 2+ years of account project management experience.
• Minimum 2+ years of agency experience.
• Creating PowerPoint decks to unveil critical analytics and track content success (slide masters, formatting, smart art, etc.).
• Self-motivation and the capability to adapt to change, manage multiple tasks, and continuously evaluate priorities to lead tasks/projects to completion.
• Strong account project management skills, including the ability to prioritize work and meet deadlines.
• A respect, appreciation, and understanding of the automotive industry (bonus, not a must).
• An innate desire to serve others before yourself.
• Strong relationship-building skills.
• An unrelenting work ethic.
• A strong drive for continuous learning, taking instruction, and growing yourself and those around you on a daily basis.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment and meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of professional standards and quality without exception.
• Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, written and oral communication skills.
• Demonstrated organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
• Proactive approach in communicating with team members.
• The ability to function in a small team and take the lead on big and small tasks.
• The ability to fail. To share with others why they failed & grow personally from failures.
• Enjoying and contributing to a fun and youthfully-minded environment.
• Being relentless in giving others credit before yourself.
• Knowing how to say “Ma’am” and “Sir”.
• A sense of humor and camaraderie.

Technologies we use:
• Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
• Google Analytics.
• Google AdWords.
• Google Drive.
• MailChimp.
• Microsoft Office.
• Slack.
• Pen and paper.

The Bottom Line:
Ultimately, we want you to be so dedicated to over-delivering on every task and so dedicated to our team that you grow far beyond the scope of this position at Theory, and progress into larger roles.

You are our future and we want you to show us that future. There is a ceiling to the business of what you can accomplish – and the person who sets that ceiling is YOU! The ball will constantly be in your court. You will have all the chances in the world to shine and to be a part of one amazing, youthfully-minded, and continuously-evolving creative agency. But it all starts with making a difference in someone’s life. If you need to do that to be happy, you’ll be happy with us.