60 photos of Charlotte pets to brighten your day

60 photos of Charlotte pets to brighten your day
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You’re know when you’re feeling down so you ask your social media friends to send you photos of their pets? I decided to do that with Agenda newsletter subscribers, and y’all came through.

Lately, I’m more anxious than normal. I’m eating terribly. I’m crying more. One of the few things that relaxes me in the midst of this election season and the ongoing pandemic is a cuddle session with my cat.

Pets help 2020 suck less. So here’s 60 photos of the dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs of Charlotte, courtesy of you, Agenda readers.

Daisy, 1

Daisy is a #QuarantineFosterFail, and it’s clear why. Mom Carrie says Daisy is her daughter’s BFF and loves to be comfy. “Most of the time, I think she’s a cat.”

Fun fact: Daisy dug about 10 holes in the backyard within her first week with Carrie.



Linus is the goofiest dog in Charlotte, his mom Lisa says. He’s also deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun.

Barney, 4 months

Barney likes to howl like a wolf when he hears an ambulance.

Vern, 10

Vern is a rescue dog, and unlike Barney, he never barks. (No shade to Barney, tho.)

Swirly, 1.5

Swirly is a rescue pup adopted from the Humane Society. Her hobbies include “zoomie sprints, body slams, and naps,” mom Cindy says.

Zion, 2, and Mo, 16

These brothers are ready for Halloween. Zion is a quarantine adoptee from Animal Care & Control and weighs a whopping 20 pounds (and we love every pound).

Gaby, 13

Mom Sarah adopted Gaby from the Humane Society eight years ago. “I got her on a Tuesday and met my now husband that Thursday — one of the best weeks of my life.”

Crush, 3 months

This golden retriever pupper has already lived an exciting life in his short three months. He’s been to parks and breweries — and even sat a few tables away from former Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts at Devil’s Logic last week. His dad Michael sent a whole Dropbox folder of photos from a photoshoot with Crush. He’s a photogenic pup.

Fun fact: On Crush’s first night home, Michael says Crush put himself to bed. “Just walked himself into his crate and passed out.” Good boy had a big day.

Dorothy and The Professor

Dorothy is named after mom Krissy’s favorite Golden Girl, but she says Dorothy is more of Blanche, a diva, or a Sophia, always getting into trouble. The Professor is the chill one of the bunch.

Georgie Woodward, 4

Georgie is a total diva, mom Jen says. The four-year-old Frenchie loves to dress up.

Rori, 14

Young at heart, Rori the 14-year-old Irish terrier loves going out and supporting local businesses.

Rori’s must-try dish: Puppy pop from Golden Cow Creamery.

Jackson, 2

Despite his young age, Jackson is already “a casino regular,” mom Melanie says. He’s even teaching the fam how to play craps.

Mason, 16

Jackson’s brother Mason had to have his Sweet Sixteen birthday party canceled this year thanks to the pandemic. Instead, “he’s rolling with the quarantine punches and getting ready for a Zoom wine tasting,” mom Melanie says.

Hank and Ollie

These rescue pups are big fans of sticks. Sometimes they even share.

Jack, 2

Jack is a German Shepard mix who loves tennis balls and “having the zoomies,” says dad Zac.

Bordeaux, 8 weeks

Everyone welcome Bordeaux to the world! He’s an 8-week-old Australian Labradoodle puppy. Mom Harper already has an Instagram account set up for him: @bordeauxdle.

Mojo, 3.5

When he’s not dressing like an Ewok, Mojo loves to go kayaking and paddleboarding.

Cookie Harry, 2

Cookie was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in her left toe in May. She had to have her toe amputated and then received six rounds of chemotherapy.

“That is a lot for a 15-pound puppy,” mom Emily says. “But having been through chemotherapy myself I knew she could do it. And she did!”

Emily gives all the credit to the veterinary team at Long Animal Hospital and Carolinas Veterinary Specialists. At Cookie’s last chemotherapy session, her medical team brought her out to the car in a graduation robe and cap.

“Covid stinks. Cancer sucks. But this little graduate bravely battled and endured thanks to her amazing medical team,” Emily says.

Luna, 8 months

This quarantine kitty loves to sleep on her back and annoy her big brother, Leo.

Hilde, 10.5

“I love riding my skateboard down the driveway,” Hilde says via mom Lisa.

Za, 4

Za, which does not appear to be short for pizza, is an “amazing jumper and super, super fast,” mom Lisa says. Za and Hilde are siblings.

Willis, 8

Willis is a small dog with big personality. During the pandemic, he’s rocked PJs on a walk and had quite the quarantine hair-do. V relatable.

Ellie, 5

This tabby cat is cuddly. She’s a big fan of tap water straight from the faucet and “rolling around with her catnip toys,” mom Emily says.

Minnie, 1

Minnie’s fam calls her “Mayor Minnie” because she never meets a stranger and knows everyone around her neighborhood. She’s also a proud Puppy School graduate.

Sutton, 6 months

Sutton, the mini goldendoodle, is named after her one of her parents’ favorite spots in Chapel Hill: Sutton’s Drug Store.

Percy Bysshe, 3, and Ogden, 16

These boys are named after poets Percy Bysshe Shelley and Ogden Nash.

Ellie, 1

Ellie’s a corona rescue with a very long tongue.

Favorite spot to hang: Skiptown.

Zoe, 3

Zoe is not a polar bear, she’s a Samoyed pup. Mom Rebecca says Zoe loves to play dress up.

Favorite activity: Spa day

Arthur, 8 months

Arthur is a true foodie. He always waits to eat until his mom Barbara says “Bon appetit!”

Blakely, 5

Blakely is moving from Florida to Charlotte soon. Welcome to the Queen City, Blakely!

Palmer, 7

Palmer is a lizard-hunting seven year old. He also loves tennis balls.

Romeo, 3

Romeo loves long walks on the Rail Trail.

Copper, 6

The self-proclaimed “King of the Queen City” loves peanut butter and escaping from doggie gates.

One time, he opened a door at doggie day care and let all of the dogs escape from the playroom. “He was pretty proud that night, like he had a story to tell,” mom Sherrard says.

Olive, 12

Olive is a Chiweenie and during quarantine, a groomer came to her house to trim her nails. “This is how she stabilized Olive to keep her still during the process. We could not stop laughing,” mom Julie says.

Johnny Cash, 10 months

Cash loves water biscuits a.k.a. ice cubes.

Kunu, 11

The life of the “pawty,” Kunu loves to cheer for his favorite team, Oklahoma State. (No beer was consumed in the making of this photo.)

Nina, 3 months

This snuggly Shetland Sheepdog loves to jump in fall leaves and trot around with sticks that are longer than she is.

Chispa, 1

Chispa, which means “spark” in Spanish, just celebrated his first birthday on Saturday. Happy belated birthday!

George Albus, 3.5

Mom Brittni says, “If George were to be voiced by any character it would be Kelso from That 70’s Show. I don’t exaggerate when I say George’s ONLY talent is being incredibly handsome. And sitting on you when he wants attention (all 90 pounds of him).”

Charlie and Hendrix, 2.5

Here are the brothers shown practicing social distancing.


McKinley is dressed up in red, white, and blue for his Uncle Sam Halloween costume. He also has an Instagram account: @mckinleythepuppy.

Olive, 4

Fun fact: Olive yawns with her eyes open, and it’s terrifying, her mom Samantha says.

Mademoiselle Maisie, 5

This Great Pyrenees rescue is known as the “aloof floof” around town, dad Rémy says.

Fun fact: Maisie recently fought off a hawk that had one of the family chickens pinned to the ground.

Felicity, 3

Felicity a big snuggle bug and likes to carry stuffed animals around the house and bring them to her humans. “Typical morning we wake up among a menagerie of two cats plus 4-5 stuffed animals that she has gifted us with during the night,” mom Christy says.

Wynn, 7 months

This boxer lab mix rescue sleeps with her tongue out.

Mac, 2.5

Favorite movie: Lion King

LC, 10

LC, which is short for Land Crab, is an important doggo. She has a job as a therapy dog and visits elementary schools and assisted living centers (pre-Covid).

Wylie Cooper, 1.5

Wylie has chewed through six beds and 12 (!) harnesses. Quite an accomplishment.

Rupert, 4

Dad Ralph says he cannot go to bed without first doing a “patrol” around the apartment community for bunnies.

Scarlett, 5

Big fan of pumpkin patches and snacks. Scarlett would probably like this guide: 9 must-visit pumpkin patches near Charlotte.

Socks, 13

Socks, a mini Corgi, isn’t as much a fan of backpacking as he is of being carried in backpack.

Talullah, 1

Nicknamed the “sock bandit” because she loves to steal socks. Not related to Socks, the mini Corgi.

Benz, 13

This stylish Italian Greyhound hates cold winter weather but loves the fashion. Benz is runway ready. Looking for fall fashion, Benz? Check out this fall trend shopping guide.

Rickie, 8 months

This floof is named after the golfer Rickie Fowler.


Felix is ready to go trick or treating in a lobster costume.

Oliver, 2

Anything dogs can do, Oliver can do better, especially fetch.

Bowie, 7

Another Ewok!

Max, 3

Max’s parents found him in a dumpster and say he still loves garbage.

Clementine, 8

Clementine snores louder than a grown man, mom Jill says.

Sriracha, 4

This bowtie model has a “spicy” personality, dad Nicholas says. Check out Sriracha’s Instagram: @seesriracharun.

All photos are courtesy the pet parents. Thank you for brightening our day.

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