Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on Ace No. 3, mansions, rising Covid numbers, and city council drama

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on Ace No. 3, mansions, rising Covid numbers, and city council drama
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity

In response to: 12 mountain Airbnbs driving distance from Charlotte, starting at $94/night

“Here’s the 13th on the list, LOL. Bring your mountain bike! Brevard Bike House” — R

“I want to buy one lol.” — H


“I’m all about those glamping domes!” — B

“This is the only kinda camping you’d get me to agree to.” — S

In response to: As Tepper moves into Quail Hollow, Felix Sabates moves out. Sabates’ custom mansion asks $5.75M

“I had a dream once I owned a place like that. I would call it a bad dream because all I could think about was how much work I had to do to keep it up. Honestly, if you told me I could live there for free if I just kept the place up, I would pass.” — R

“It’s not on the lake! McCaffrey got them beat!” — T

“Yeesh just shows you money can’t buy good taste.” — C

“The outside is incredible but the inside looks like Versace came back from the dead to decorate it.” — C

“I could make that work.” — C

In response to: Apartments: What $2,000 a month gets you in three different Charlotte neighborhoods

“No apartment in Charlotte is worth $2,000 a month. Charlotte needs to quit building apartments.” — L

“Big waste of money, it’s Charlotte not NYC.” — N

In response to: New SouthPark restaurant Southern Pecan is now open in former Wolfgang Puck space

“But do you say it ‘pee-can’ or ‘phu-cahn’?” — G

“I’m drooling 🤤” — C

In response to: Where presidents eat: 12 NC restaurants that fed Obama, Bush, Clinton, and more

“Regardless of what political affiliation you associate with, it’s pretty cool to see these candidates choose these spots and support the communities around them. Only have visited Troutman’s will have to visit the others now.” — G

“I’m totally imagining all of them ordering what they ordered in their voice. Obama – I’ll take uuhhhhh an order of uhhhh brown sugar rubbed ribs uhh and a serving of corn bread uuuuuhhhhh and a sweet tea.” — E

In response to: The most millennial city council in America can’t get along

“A great read. Pay attention to local politics. It affects your day to day far more than national races. No matter what, educate yourself and vote.” — D

“No matter your political opinion, this is a great read if you live in Charlotte.” — A

In response to: Home Tour: See inside SouthPark’s most colorful home

“I LOVE it. This woman is my soul sister. Can we please be friends?” — G

“The use of color is a breath of fresh air. Love the ceilings.” — R

“Minimalism who??” — M

“One of my absolute favorite accounts to drool over on Instagram.” — S

“This is exactly what I want my house to look like.” — R

In response to: Highway construction harmed Black neighborhoods in Charlotte. Now leaders are trying to “untangle” past mistakes

“This a solid piece of journalism. Keep on telling the stories of underserved West and North Charlotte.” — T

“A great book about the construction of highways and the systemic racism in housing is The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein. It really opens your eyes to the many ways the federal government and local governments worked to segregate Black and brown populations and keep them away from the white population.” — H

In response to: Big burger news: Ace No. 3 to open new locations in Myers Park and Concord

“Best burgers but don’t overlook the fried bologna sandwich.” — R

“YAAAAAY! We need more good food in Concord!” — M

“So Ace No. 3 #2 and Ace No. 3 #3? Awesome!” — C

“WHAT?!?! Walking distance to best burger in CLT! Danger!” — M

In response to: Here’s a look inside Elizabeth’s new plant shop. Plus: 5 plant care tips

“He will have an inter-vine-tion to save the green babies.” — A

“Shades of Moss is definitely the place to go for plant parents and plant parents-to-be, here in Charlotte!!” — C

“$6-$25? Those are prices I can get behind. So tired of these boutique plant shops charging $45+ for snake plant.” — R

“His shop is so amazing & Barry is incredibly helpful and kind. Definitely check it out CLT peeps.” — M

In response to: Phase 3 is extended as coronavirus numbers rise. What will the rest of 2020 look like?

“As we head into flu season, it’s only going to get worse, I think.” — A

“Not everyone has been complying with the mandate.” — G

In response to: Tex-Mex favorite Superica opens soon in Strawberry Hill. Here’s what to expect

“This will be near us! Queso and pancakes whenever I want now.” — L

“Awwwwwww yeeeaaaahhh, boi!” — M

“Is it pronounced Superica or Superica?” — K


“Can we get something in Steele Creek, pretty please!!” — J

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