Spooky season guide: 12 haunted attractions within driving distance of Charlotte

Spooky season guide: 12 haunted attractions within driving distance of Charlotte
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For many Halloween enthusiasts, like myself, October is synonymous with spooky season. (If we’re being real, though, 2020 has been one giant spooky season.)

One positive I’ve seen come out of this year is that people seem to be more inclined to celebrate with creative Halloween decorations and new local attractions.

Here are 12 haunted attractions located 70 minutes or less from Charlotte. It’s time to get spooky.

Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Wash

20 mins from Charlotte


The Belmont AquaWave Express Car Wash will have your car squeaky clean and you squealing for your mother. Customers can expect fog, flashing lights, and a few of your favorite horror movie characters. Fasten your seat belt and lock the car door because, by the end, you might need the inside of your car cleaned, too.

Open: Now through Halloween.

Admission: $22. Ticket includes a car wash.

Location/hours: 6415 West Wilkinson Blvd., Belmont. 7 p.m. to midnight Thursday-Sunday.

Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Wash

Photos of Mike Hensdill/The Gaston Gazette

Frightmare! on Dam Road at Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

25 mins from Charlotte

There’s still some strange stuff going on around Mr. Putty’s golf park. Expect scare zones, haunted miniature golf, zombie axe throwing, and more. The haunted house features about 13 rooms and takes 8-10 minutes to walk through.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $15 for haunted house. $20 for haunted house and golf combo.

Location/hours: 2333 Dam Road, Tega Cay, SC. 7-10:30 p.m. Fridays & Saturdays, now through Halloween.

Mr. Putty's Nightmare on Dam Road

Photo courtesy of Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

The 901 Nightmare

31 mins from Charlotte

Come face to face with your worst nightmares as you wander deep into the woods in The 901 Nightmare. This outdoor maze of terror takes you through decrepit shacks, old barns, and even an abandoned insane asylum. The entire attraction is about 20 minutes long.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $18 adults, $13 children

Location/hours: 3520 Mt Holly Road, Edgemoor, SC.  7:30-10:30 Thursday-Sunday.

901 nightmare

Photo courtesy of 901 Nightmare


38 mins from Charlotte

You can’t spell Boogerwoods without “boo.” In this haunted trail, two guides will lead you through a series of 15 scenes; some with loud music, total darkness, enclosed spaces, and, yes, jump scares. The attraction takes 35 to 40 minutes to walk through.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $20

Location/hours: 725 Phaniel Church Road, Rockwell, NC

Scarrigan Farms Haunted Trail

40 mins from Charlotte

The staff at Scarrigan Farms makes it known that they will do anything to get a scare out of their guests. The 170-acre stretch of woods behind the quarry is transformed into one of the scariest haunted trails in the region. From start to finish, the trail is a little over one mile long and takes about an hour to complete. Reservations are required.

Open: Now through November 1

Admission: $25 per person on Thursday and Sunday, $30 per person on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Location/hours: 1213 Oakridge Farm Hwy, Mooresville

Scarrigan farms

Photo courtesy of Carrigan Farms.

House Within Haunted House

43 minutes from Charlotte

This indoor horror experience is set in a haunted turn-of-the-century-style house. There are 15 different scenes in almost total darkness, and there might be a jump scare or two.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $18

Location/hours: 111 W. Bank Street, Salisbury NC

Forbidden Forest Horror Trail

43 mins from Charlotte

Forbidden Forest is one of North Carolina’s oldest extreme horror trails. It’s open six nights this season.

Open: October 16-31

Admission: $20

Location/hours: 14210 Old Beatty Ford Road, Rockwell, NC

Midway Wicked Woods

50 mins from Charlotte

Legend has it that every October, a man by the name of Wicked Willie roams the Midway campgrounds looking for trespassers. Visitors flock to these woods to see if the legend of Wicked Willie is really true. Some escape with tales of their encounters while others claim it’s just lore. If you’re brave enough, head to Midway Wicked Woods to see for yourself  — and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $20

Location/hours: 114 Midway Dr, Statesville, NC

Aw Shucks 13th Acre Haunted Trail

50 mins from Charlotte

13th Acre Haunted Trail is an all-outdoor experience that isn’t for the faint of heart. The trail takes about 35 mins to go through, that is if you don’t run all the way through. If you want a haunt and a wholesome time, opt for the combo ticket which gives you access to the haunted trail and the rest of the Aw Shucks farm.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: General admission $13, combo ticket with Aw Shucks Farms $20

Location/hours: 3718 Plyler Mill Road, Monroe, NC

Haunted Shelby Corn Maze

1 hr, 5 mins from Charlotte

What lies beyond the stalks of corn just might be stalking you. Some folks say it’s haunted, so if you’re brave enough, head to Shelby Corn Maze to explore the corn trails and see for yourself.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $13

Location/hours: 120 Broadway Drive, Shelby, NC 

Kersey Valley Spookywoods Haunted House

1 hr, 10 min from Charlotte

From the moment you arrive, you are fair game to all of the haunted creatures that reside on Kersey Valley land. Spookywoods has been a North Carolina tradition since 1985 and it’s said to be one of America’s most famous haunted attractions. This haunted house has 12 scenes to walk through and along the way, you’ll encounter a few surprises.

Open: Now through the first week in November

Admission: $30 Friday and Sunday, $35 Saturday

Location/hours: 1615 Kersey Valley Rd, Archdale, NC

Wompus Woods Haunted Trail

1 hr, 10 mins from Charlotte

For nearly seven decades, the Wompus Monster has occupied this South Carolina forest looking for its next meal. Those who were lucky enough to witness the creature and escape its grasps say it’s 12- to 14-feet tall (no thanks), has the face of a wolf (uh uh), long razor-sharp teeth and claws (I’m good), and 2 large golden horns surrounded by 6 small ones (*prays feverishly*). If you’re walking through the haunted trail and feel a chill pass through the air, you’ll know the Wompus Monster is near.

Open: Now through Halloween

Admission: $20 per adult, $10 per child

Location/hours: 231 Parris Road, Cowpens, SC

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