Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on Phase 3, Mecktoberfest, and real estate

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on Phase 3, Mecktoberfest, and real estate
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: FAQ: What to expect at bars, movie theaters, and other businesses in Charlotte as N.C. moves into phase 3

“Phase 2.97.” — T

“South End has been looking like phase 3 for weeks, but okay Coop.” — I


“I want alcohol after 11.” — C

“I can’t believe some of y’all are STILL complaining that we have to wear masks. My god, what an inconvenience it is to wear something relatively harmless to help save people’s lives.” — M

“Everyone is complaining about clubs and alcohol but let’s talk about THE MOVIE THEATERS OPENING.” — P

“Guys let’s make it work! We better not blow this one up! I don’t want to go back to Phase 2 or 2.5.” — R

In response to: Asheville getaway: 35 things to do in N.C.’s coolest mountain city

“Fun fact about the Biltmore, when you purchase a daytime admission pass it includes a complimentary wine tasting.” — J

“Love that city!” – C

“Co-sign Buxton Hall chicken sandwich is the largest fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever seen.” — N

In response to: Why the president’s Proud Boys comment hit home in North Carolina

“It should be easy to condemn those who would seek to violate the liberty of others.” — M

“Wow just wow. Every North Carolinian needs to read this. History of our state that is unknown by most all of us.” — H

In response to: Can the EpiCentre survive the pandemic?

“I was only there during day time for work, I could see business hurting if everyone is working remote until next year.” — M

“Have they thought about putting a brewery in every vacant space?” — D

“New definition of ‘Uptown Funk'” — J

“Had some great times here. Sad to see what has come about this horrible time.” — R

In response to: Mecktoberfest attendees ‘need to get tested’ for Covid-19, county officials say

“And this is why we continue to have restrictions.” — A

“I went with my friends on Saturday and it was really packed and barely anybody had on masks even when they were walking around. We still had fun sitting in the grass by the fence. I commented this on their fb and instagram and they blocked me on both. Lol.” — J

“I know everybody is sick of COVID-19, but I don’t want to lose my life for a party.” — T

In response to: Home tour: Real estate agent turns Madison Park fixer upper into entertainer’s oasis

“I love everything about this house.” — L

“With a bottle of mezcal in her kitchen! Atta girl! Beautiful home.” — N

“Wow! This looks amazing. Great job, Katie, and congratulations on your new home.” — N

“I walk past this house multiple times a week and think it’s the cutest thing ever, the inside is even more fabulous!” — B

“Beauty on a budget! 😍” — S

“Literally passed by this house yesterday on my walk and thought, “what a great house!” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼” — K

In response to: New nonprofit restaurant in Plaza Midwood sells all cocktails for $11 — even if you order top-shelf liquor

“I had no idea this was a nonprofit! I’ve been once and I loved it. Can’t wait to go back soon!” — J

“When we’re ready to dine out, let’s go here ❤️” — H

“Omg! We love Community Matters Cafe . So excited to hear about this new not for profit venture!” — M

“I would like to try this plz.” — L

In response to: Panthers owner David Tepper buys John Fox’s Quail Hollow mansion for $5.35 million

“It’s staying in the Panthers family because they are the only ones who can afford it” — D

“How do you go about purchasing such an item? Do I have my people call their people and we do lunch?” — H

“Use to be John Fox house, I lived down the street from this.” — Z

“Should we start selling sunset in CLT?” — R

In response to: Remember that $8M lakefront castle? Looks like Christian McCaffrey could be the buyer

“Let’s ask CMC if we can come hang out one day!” — J

“Grand Lac Chateau, Translation: big a** lake castle.” — B

“I wonder if Tepper was one of the back up offers and his running back beat him to it. 🤣 Funny that a player spent more on a home than the owner.” — T

“Think we’ll be invited to the house warming?” — S

“I’ll give him a ring and see if there’s anything we can bring.” — C (in response to above)

In response to: 200 days into the pandemic, Overstreet Mall is still a ‘ghost town’

“Sad…so many shops are closed that I used to enjoy.” — K

“Walked through here everyday for lunch I miss it!” — K

“This makes me so sad. I remember going to Overstreet Mall with my dad when I was little when he worked Uptown.” — M

“Blis is actually still open, just moved out of uptown! You can follow them on Insta for more info.” — L

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