Voice & Swallowing Specialist

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Our mission is to be the premier eye, ear, nose, and throat group providing comprehensive, quality, and ethical healthcare to all in the Carolinas; to provide a favorable environment for the delivery of healthcare; and to provide for the well being of the physicians and the employees of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

A Voice & Swallowing specialist provides computerized and endoscopic evaluations and therapy to patients referred with voice disorders, swallowing disorders, shortness of breath, head and neck cancer, and chronic cough disorders.

Employees of the Voice & Swallowing Department provide specialized and high quality care to both adults and children referred for disorders affecting voice or swallowing functioning. Patients receive comprehensive and extensive evaluation procedures to assist the referring physicians with diagnoses and to further assist in establishing plans of care and follow-up. CEENTA receives payment for these services via application of specific CPT codes associated with a variety of procedures with an annual budget of approximately $800,000.00.

• Perform rigid and flexible endoscopic procedures
• Perform computerized analysis and therapy-based procedures
• Working seated for therapy and other procedures and for computer-based tasks including documentation of notes in EPIC, messaging in EPIC, teletherapy in MyCEENTA chart in EPIC, and e-mails.
• Utilize auditory and visual analysis during evaluations and therapy intervention.
• Provide clear verbal instructions for all procedures and interventions
• Provide written instructions as indicated for therapy-based tasks
• Dexterity of hands, arms and strength in holding endoscopic equipment during exams.
• Perform endoscopic and swallowing study examinations in the standing position for extended periods
• Assist family members in transferring patients from wheelchair to exam chairs
• Work with head and neck patients for Voice & Swallowing
• Work with laryngectomy patients for evaluation prior to surgery and establishing alaryngeal communication post-surgery via TEP placement and management, electrolarynx communication, and HME set up.
• Perform Clinical Swallowing evaluations and establish scheduling for objective testing via MBSS or FEES.
• Perform evaluation of shortness of breath (SOB), exercise induced SOB, medically based SOB or VCD / PVFM.
• The ability to work on-site
• Predictable, reliable, and prompt attendance

Work Environment:
The Voice and Swallowing Specialist must perform computer-based analyses and therapy intervention methods as well as documentation of all evaluations and therapy sessions in EPIC. The employee must be able to stand and walk to various procedure rooms and to and from the waiting room with patients. They must be able to perform endoscopies with good manual dexterity using both flexible and rigid scopes, save and retrieve the videos, provide verbal explanations of evaluations and therapy procedures and assess patient performance with acute visual and auditory skills. Providers must be able to administer topical Lidocaine spray, Afrin sprays, and Lidocaine gel as needed for procedures. Providers must be able to follow all regulations for disinfecting endoscopic equipment and general room patient contact surfaces. Employees must be aware of how to handle Exposure to disinfecting hazardous solutions such as Enzymatic cleaner, Cidex, Cavi Wipes and alcohol wipes.

Travel may be required between the main office at South Park and satellite offices. Currently the only satellite office is in Concord, NC. Looking to expand to Fort Mill, SC.

A Voice and Swallowing Specialist is required to have completed a master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology with a concentration in voice & swallowing disorders. They must have completed their clinical fellowship year (or be under supervision during this clinical fellowship year) and have a Clinical Certificate of Competency through our national organization – American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) once the clinical fellowship term is completed, and have a current NC and SC state license to practice. The employee must pass competencies in passing both flexible and rigid scopes for endoscopic procedures on 20 normal subjects and 10 patients for each type of scope. They must be competent in analyzing the results and explaining these along with a plan of care and prognosis to the patient accurately and appropriately.

It is preferred as a Voice and swallowing specialist that the employee have certifications in LSVT, MDTP, and Buteyko Breathing Level I.

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