Here’s what house you should buy in Charlotte based on your zodiac sign

Here’s what house you should buy in Charlotte based on your zodiac sign
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There’s a crispness in the air. Freeform’s 31 nights of Halloween is rolling. There’s no better time fully lean into your horoscope.

We were inspired by Apartment Therapy’s home-buying guide graphic to help you figure out which house to buy based on your zodiac sign. So we paired homes for sale on the Charlotte market with each zodiac sign.

Aries — fancy Uptown apartment

578 N. Church St. | 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,938 square feet | $899,000

Why you should buy it: Aries are strong, determined leaders who value efficiency and luxury, making a high-end condo in Uptown their ideal abode. This three-bed Chapel Watch condo has an open layout, skyline views, a gorgeous terrace, high ceilings, and stylish features and lighting.

Listing agent: Alan Sussman at Willow Oak Realtors

578 N Church St exterior

578 N Church St living room

578 N Church St kitchen

Taurus — classic bungalow

828 E. Worthington Ave. | 3 beds, 2 baths, 2,188 square feet | $849,900

Why you should buy it: Practical people who enjoy the best of the best and coziness, Taurus folks would thrive in a Dilworth bungalow. This East Worthington three-bed has a wrap-around porch and completely charming interior with thick moldings and original 1900s details like sliding pocket doors.

Listing agent: Stephanie Cline at Belle Properties

828 E Worthington Ave

828 E Worthington Ave living room

828 E Worthington Ave kitchen

Gemini — transitional suburban

4607 Harper Court | 5 beds, 4.5 baths, 5,521 square feet | $1,175,000

Why you should buy it: Total social butterflies, Geminis need a spacious home for hosting in a location that makes zipping from board meetings to dinner parties easy. This transitional-style SouthPark home checks all the boxes: tons of square footage, warm, luxurious finishes, outdoor living area, an open kitchen, a movie room, and spacious owner’s suite with an enviable closet and bath.

Listing agent: Bonnie and Daniel Papandrea at Wilkinson ERA Real Estate

4607 Harper Court  4607 Harper Court living room

4607 Harper Court outdoor living

Cancer — Georgian

1111 Chollywood Drive | 5 beds, 3.5 baths, 4,286 square feet | $1,350,000

Why you should buy it: Cancers are sensitive intuitives who need to feel secure and protected, making a stately brick Georgian-style home their ideal fortress. Highlights of this Myers Park Georgian home include tons of space for entertaining, a handsome entrance, and a gracious, private back patio with wooded views.

Listing agent: Kim Trouten at Allen Tate SouthPark

1111 Chollywood Dr  1111 Chollywood Dr kitchen

1111 Chollywood Dr porch

Leo — colorful victorian

1500 Mimosa Ave. | 4 beds, 3 baths, 2,523 square feet | $759,900

Why you should buy it: Leos are flashy creatives who need a home to match. Enter this colorful Victorian. This Plaza Midwood Victorian has a welcoming front porch, multiple fireplaces, hardwood floors, and a huge entertainer’s yard with a grilling porch, deck, outdoor speakers, fire pit area, and an outdoor TV.

Listing agent: Stephen Scott at Realty Dynamics Inc.

1500 Mimosa Ave

1500 Mimosa Ave

1500 Mimosa Ave kitchen

Virgo – mid-century modern

1141 Lynbrook Drive | 5 beds, 4 baths, 4,165 square feet | $1,090,000

Why you should buy it: Cheerful perfectionists, Virgos will love the clean, warm design of a mid-century modern home, and this Cotswold home doesn’t disappoint. From an entrance centered around a Koi pond courtyard to the 1,150-square-foot owner’s suite to the pool and spa, every inch of this house is stunning.

Listing agent: Charles Major at Savvy + Co Real Estate

1141 Lynbrook Drive

1141 Lynbrook Drive living

1141 Lynbrook Drive kitchen

Libra — Updated historic house

509 Louise Ave. | 4 beds, 4.5 baths, 2,688 square feet | $965,000

Why you should buy it: Lovers of community, art, and beauty, Libras need a charming house in charming neighborhood, like Elizabeth. Some highlights of 509 Louise Ave. include the spacious front porch, 10-foot ceilings, pocket doors, and a dreamy backyard set up. This house has all the charm you’d expect of a 1912 cottage, paired with stylish modern updates.

Listing agent: Frank Warren at Helen Adams Realty

509 Louise Ave

509 Louise Ave porch  509 Louise Ave kitchen  509 Louise Ave back

Sagittarius — triple decker townhouse

2011 Isom St. #5 | 3 beds, 3.5 baths, 2,110 square feet | $519,005

Why you should buy it: Sagittarius people are free spirits who like spending and making money, travel, and being with others. They need a house big enough to entertain, but nothing overly spacious, in a diverse area with fun things to do. This three-story newly built townhouse in Bryant Park should do the trick.

Listing agent: Sherry Webb at SaussyBurbank

2011 Isom St #5

2011 Isom St #5 open living area

2011 Isom St #5 kitchen

Scorpio — luxe calming retreat

2825 Glendale Road | 5 beds, 4.5 baths, 4,795 square feet | $1,299,000

Why you should buy it: Scorpios are intense go-getters and empaths who value closeness; the ultimate introverted extrovert. Their house needs to be a calming retreat on a private lot close to all the action. This Myers Park brick home is just that with a white kitchen, tons of indoor and outdoor space for gathering, neutral interior with high-end finishes, and a lush tree-lined backyard.

Listing agent: Heather Mackey at Dickens Mitchener

2825 Glendale Road  2825 Glendale Road living

2825 Glendale Road kitchen

2825 Glendale Road yard

Capricorn — craftsman

2002 Summey Ave. | 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 2,579 square feet | $712,000

Why you should buy it: Capricorns value family, tradition, and quality. What style embodies that better than a craftsman? This three-bed new-build in Oakhurst has 10-foot ceilings, West Elm lighting, oak flooring, and handcrafted cabinetry.

Listing agent: Paul Ryan at Nestlewood Realty, LLC

2002 Summey Ave #4

2002 Summey Ave #4 living room

2002 Summey Ave #4 kitchen

Aquarius — ultra modern

1525 Landis Ave. | 5 beds, 4.5 baths, 3,294 square feet | $1,025,000

Why you should buy it: Aquarians are non-traditional, eccentric folks who need a house that’ll shock their guests. From the spiral staircase entry to the sleek cabinetry and cord railings, this ultra modern Midwood home is an Aquarius dream.

Listing agent: Lana Laws at Savvy + Co Real Estate

1525 Landis Ave  1525 Landis Ave living

1525 Landis Ave kitchen

1525 Landis Ave outdoor living

Pisces — arts and crafts bungalow

412 Kingston Ave. | 4 beds, 3.5 baths, 4,240 square feet | $1,499,500

Why you should buy it: Gentle, caring, and artistic, Pisces need a home that feels like a hug, and this Dilworth arts and crafts bungalow does the trick. It’s homey with thick moldings, shaker cabinets, four spacious bedrooms, and a great backyard.

Listing agent: Stan Perry at Helen Adams Realty

412 Kingston Ave  412 Kingston Ave living room

412 Kingston Ave kitchen

412 Kingston Ave yard

Does your dream home match your sign?

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All photos are from their respective listings. Looking for something different? Here’s what $300,000 gets you in Charlotte, or check out our weekly hot homes roundups. Got an interesting listing or want your home features on the Agenda? Email [email protected].

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