Interim Weekday School Director

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The Interim Weekday School Director strives to provide a quality early childhood educational program that is based on best practices for the field.

• Supports the school’s mission to ensure a safe and nurturing environment; provides knowledgeable and dedicated staff; promotes active learning and discovery; fosters spiritual growth, and encourages family involvement
• Plans procedures for the management of the daily program, including the school calendar
• Manages the school’s 2020-2021 operating budget
• Implements best practices for the health and safety of children and staff
• Informs church of in-school and afterschool enrichment and other uses of shared space
• Works collaboratively with the Assistant Director, Weekday School teachers, church staff, and Weekday School Ministry Team
• Communicates with current families on a weekly basis
• Oversees use and maintenance of indoor and outdoor WDS spaces; submits facility requests in a timely manner
• Attends bi-weekly church staff meetings
• Oversees equipment and repair needs; completes work orders for church
• Works collaboratively with the Assistant Director to develop the Summer Program
• Prepares job descriptions, recruits, and interviews for all staffing needs
• Conducts monthly staff meetings and implements staff training
• Maintains good relationships and networks within the Charlotte community and professional organizations related to Early Childhood
• Consults with teaching staff regarding lesson plans, monthly calendars, and newsletters
• Helps build positive relationships between staff members
• Evaluates staff yearly and offers annual employment agreements
• Maintains personnel records in collaboration with the Assistant Director
COVID-19-related responsibilities
• Adhere to the interim Child Care NC guidelines provided by the NCDHHS
• Monitor the cases and hospitalizations in NC and Mecklenburg County via the NCDHHS Dashboard
• Conduct daily health screenings and temperature checks of staff and WDS participants
• Oversee and participate in student drop-off and pick-up with the Assistant Director
• Work collaboratively with the Assistant Director to ensure that COVID-19 cleaning and safety supplies are maintained
• Provide resources and support for WDS families
• Conduct virtual tours with prospective families and share the weekday school video via email
• Keep WDS staff updated on health and safety protocols
• Maintain proper signage throughout weekday school to remind participants of health and safety measures
• Contact assigned health department representative with questions or concerns
• Contact janitorial service when needed to schedule a deep cleaning due to an exposure or positive case
• Report all exposures and positive cases to health department representative
• Share positive cases and/or exposures with WDS parents with the assistance of the health department representative
• Keep WDS Ministry Team chair and church head of staff informed of any exposures, cases or other related issues
• Monitor staff and participants for best practices regarding safety protocols, i.e. masks are being worn, social distancing is practiced, etc.

• Undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Development or Elementary Education
• Experience preferred in early childhood education
• Comfortability in public speaking
• Ability to move freely in and out of different settings
• Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates the ability to work with all kinds of people; engages people positively, with a demeanor of optimism and abundance; demonstrates the skills of active listening and practices good discernment; productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict; understands the value of discretion and how to use it; holds others accountable in a spirit of love
• Communication Skills: Communicates important information with parents and staff, both verbally and in writing, in a manner which undergirds confidence and trust
• Process Management: Able to discern the processes necessary to get things done; knows how to organize people and activities; understands how to separate and combine tasks into efficient workflow
• Adaptive Flexibility: Willingness and ability to adapt to changing circumstances as needed
• Problem Solving: Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; works with fellow team members to probe all fruitful sources for answers; can see hidden problems; is excellent at analysis; looks beyond the obvious; asks for help when needed
• Resourcefulness: Seeks answers and information when needed; knows who to ask, connects with other people and leaders on the team
• Team Player: Contributes to the process of sharing best practices, identifying and solving common problems; works with leaders to regularly assess the health of teams and groups; recognizes dysfunctional team behavior and redirects it into functional behavior
• Prioritization and Time Management: Addresses various tasks and assignments with a large-picture view, taking care of most important tasks first; knows how to delegate when needed; meets deadlines

$38,000-$42,000, depending on experience.

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