Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on unexpected anesthesiology fees, Airbnbs, $8M castle, and cheesecake

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on unexpected anesthesiology fees, Airbnbs, $8M castle, and cheesecake
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: This $8M lakefront castle is the most expensive home for sale in the Charlotte area right now

“Me with $1.12 in my account:…… the interior decor is underwhelming, NEXT.” — S

“WTF dad didn’t even tell me he was selling the house.” — R


“$3.00 and a 10 piece chicken nuggets, take it or leave it.” — B

“I like the pool. Everything else looks echo-y and cold. The house doesn’t look like anything that’d be naturally built.” — S

“Y’all come on over this weekend! We’ll have the pool lights on for ya’.” — F

“Someone want to rent me a room?” — S

“Not a terrible commission for the listing agent.” — T

In response to: What to expect from the $600 million Seventh and Tryon redevelopment Uptown

“Where are all the people that live in this area moving to? I love the growth in Charlotte, but fully recognize the gentrification going on here. They’ve invested in low income areas only to turn them into upscale shopping, dining, and living. Where are the people formerly living in these areas? What is being done about affordable housing in Charlotte?” — M

“I love the new construction but the light rail needs to be expanded first across Charlotte.” — Q

“Yes more opportunities! I love Charlotte.” — L

In response to: What does $1M get you in Charlotte’s real estate market? 

“If I’m paying that much I’m living on the lake, not in Charlotte.” — C

“Beautiful homes!” — T

In response to: Healthcare provider feud leads to thousands in unexpected anesthesiology fees for new Charlotte parents

“As a physician here in town, this is ridiculous. Patients should never be the victim of money games with provider groups and insurance companies. Just completely outrageous as per usual.” — J

“Sigh. I hate that so many local families are dealing with this. My daughter had a minor surgery at the beginning of the year and United is refusing to cover the anesthesia bill due to being out of network but we were not given another option and she needed the surgery. I have been fighting with them since May.” — N

“Thank you for covering this. We’re covered by UHC and this just happened to us with the birth of our daughter in July – to the tune of a surprise bill of $8K. Outrageous that this had been ongoing and had been an issue for new parents for months, yet we weren’t notified by the anesthesiologist or Novant.” — C

“Thank you for covering this! We are in the same boat and waiting for our appeal to be reviewed by UHC. Would have been nice if we were told in advance and could have explored different pain management options. We delivered our 2nd on 5/1—Novant Presbyterian was and still is listed as in network including all of the doctors and services we would be using.” — K

“Thank you for informing me about the anesthesiology feud at Novant. My jaw dropped when I saw what happened to the Berry family, because that could have easily been me. I am pregnant (insured with UHC) and intended to give birth at Novant. I am now considering changing hospitals. It is sad that insurance companies/providers expect someone to pay $7,000 out-of-pocket without informing the patient beforehand. The healthcare system in this country is messed up. I would appreciate if you could provide an update on this situation.” — K

In response to: Now open: 30+ exciting openings from the past six months (yes, even in a pandemic)

“THIS is the stuff you need to keep posting. JUST THIS. So our culture can survive.” — K

“Can’t wait to try all of these.” — M

“Looking so great! Thanks for sharing these amazing places!” — A

“Is there anywhere someone can grab a bite to eat in the QC? ” — S

In response to: The future of Beatties Ford, in renderings and promises

“Hopeful… trusting that who lives in the corridor now and wants to remain in the corridor can… #nogentrification.” — N

“Lord they gentrifying they Ford now.” — J

“So excited for the 5 points development.” — E

In response to: Specialty bakery Jazzy Cheesecakes serves cheesecake in every flavor and form (even inside apples)

“GIMME.” — A

“They’re the absolute best! I want one right now.” — M

“Yes! And $2 Tuesday is always right on time!” — A

“It’s a sign for us to go back!!” — M


“I LOVE that you guys are featuring a local business on this side of town. Thank you!” — J

“Some of the best in town, I have to be careful since it’s in walking distance of my house 😂” — S

In response to: New food hall to open in Charlotte in 2021, one mile from Optimist Hall

“This is awesome and so nice to see a native Charlottean bringing this to life!!” — G

“Oh Lawdds. Such foodies we are lol.” — S

In response to: Home tour: Couple transforms sentimental Oaklawn Park ranch to bohemian bungalow

“Wowwww I am obsessed with the decor! Stunning!” — L

“Gorgeous!!! Why was I not gifted with this ability and talent! This home is 😍” — T

“Meanwhile, I’m just trying to keep my pot with mixed succulent plants from dying. Love that she has plants in every room! ❤️” — F

“Congratulations Talaya!!! @ourbrickhousestyle Very talented and has eye for decor. I keep telling her to start another business. Y’all check out her nail art page too! 🔥🔥🔥” — A

“Love it! The decor, the layout, the air cleansing plants! All of it!” — S

“More articles like this, please.” — M

“I love this story. It’s wonderful they kept the family home. So much history! They have made it modern and its absolutely gorgeous!” — L

“Beautiful!! Very nice! Sometimes less is more. Making the right choices, controlling your finances, obtaining financial freedom. Love it!!” — N

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