15 Charlotte YouTubers to binge-watch today

15 Charlotte YouTubers to binge-watch today
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a large part of quarantine going down the rabbit hole known as YouTube.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a lot of YouTubers end up moving to Los Angeles or New York because those are supposedly the places where large management companies are. But Charlotte has many excellent YouTubers, too.

Here are 15 of my favorites.

(1) Ashlynne Eaton

Ashlynne is from Canada but moved to Charlotte several years ago. Her channel focuses on minimalism and intentional living. She’s done videos like 10 Tips to Eliminate Visual Clutter and What’s on my iPhone – Minimalist Edition.

Check out this channel if: You want to feel refreshed in the new year or want to do some decluttering around your house.

Ashlynne Eaton

Courtesy of Ashlynne Eaton

(2) Azlia Williams

Azlia’s channel covers a wide variety of lifestyle topics, from fitness to hair care to apartment deep clean videos.

Check out this channel if: You enjoy a good mix of content.

(3) Bianca Franco

Bianca Franco is a 24-year-old lifestyle vlogger who chronicles life in Charlotte with her fiancé Collin. Her most popular uploads are her weekly vlogs.

Check out this channel if: You enjoy day-in-the-life videos and wedding content.

Bianca Franco

Courtesy of Bianca Franco

(4) Chris Rodarte

Charlotte has become quite the foodie city, and Chris’ channel aims to share his love of food and his must-try spots with viewers.

Check out this channel if: You’re looking for foodie content with a side of lifestyle.

Chris Rodarte

Courtesy of Chris Rodarte

(5) Erika Michelle

Navigating college can be difficult, especially during these unprecedented times. Erika Michelle, a junior at UNC Charlotte vlogs about her life as a college student and shares helpful videos like How to Succeed in Online School and Quick and Easy Meals for College Students.

Check out this channel if: You’re curious about life at UNC Charlotte or looking to relive your college days.

Erika Michelle

Courtesy of Erika Michelle

(6) Houston Ray

Houston Ray is a super talented cityscape and portrait photographer who’s known for his moody yet vibrant shots.  His YouTube channel focuses on sharing his photography knowledge through tutorials and POV videos.

Check out this channel if: You’re thinking about getting into photography or if you want to see Charlotte from Houston’s artistic perspective.

Houston Ray

Courtesy of Houston Ray

(7) Johana Sellers

Johana Sellers is a 23-year-old fashion and lifestyle vlogger who shares videos of her outings with friends, makeup tips and routines and clothing hauls.

Check out this channel if: You enjoy videos about life as a 20-something living in Charlotte.

(8) Living in Charlotte NC

Realtor.com recently ranked Charlotte as the No. 3 housing market going into 2021. Realtor and self-proclaimed housing market expert, Sasa Mujanovic shares videos that teach you everything you need to know about Charlotte’s booming real estate.

Check out this channel if: You’re thinking about buying a house, or just like learning about real estate. (We at the Agenda sure do.)

Sasa Mujanovic

Courtesy of Sasa Mujanovic

(9) Natalie Barbu

Since quitting her job as a technology analyst at Accenture in 2019, Natalie Barbu has taken on YouTube as a full-time job. The 24-year-old entrepreneurship and lifestyle vlogger now has more than 288,000 subscribers.

Check out this channel if: You enjoy vlogs, house hunting videos, and learning about entrepreneurship.

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Natalie Barbu

(10) Patience Iliah

Patience, a junior at UNC Charlotte has a budding YouTube channel where she vlogs about her life as a college student and shares her fitness and nutrition routines.

Check out this channel if: You want to see what student life at UNC Charlotte is like.

Patience Iliah

Courtesy of Patience Iliah

(11) Plant Life with Ashley Anita

Ashley’s channel is dedicated to all things plants — from propagating to plant hauls to explainer videos, she’ll help you cultivate your green thumb. I love the collaboration videos she does with other plant lovers where they discuss their favorite plant varieties.

Check out this channel if: You’re looking to learn about the best house plants for your lifestyle or if you share a plant obsession.

Plant life with Ashley Anita

Courtesy of Ashley Anita

(12) Sydney Cummings

Sydney Cummings, a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, posts daily workout videos with the goal of making fitness more accessible. She has over 800k YouTube subscribers known as the Sydney Squad and owns a fitness media company with her fiancé called Royal Change.

Check out this channel if: You want to get your rear in gear for the New Year.

Sydney Cummings

Courtesy of Sydney Cummings

(13) Victoria B. Eyo

Victoria is a licensed real estate agent in North and South Carolina and her channel takes viewers to a host of properties in every price range.

Check out this channel if: You love home walkthroughs and lifestyle content.

(14) Wessli-Ann Singleton

Wessli-Ann is a lifestyle vlogger who documents her life in Charlotte with her husband Zack and dog Bentley. In one vlog, she even linked up with fellow Charlotte vlogger Bianca Franco. We love a good crossover episode.

Check out this channel if: You live vicariously through vlogs.

Wessli-Ann Singleton

Courtesy of Wessli-Ann Singleton

(15) Work For Your Beer

Mel and Alicia are here to prove that working out and enjoying beer don’t have to be mutually exclusive activities. The drinking duo scouts out “brewery workouts” and travels all over town to work for their beer.

Check out this channel if: You enjoy beer and working out.

Work For Your Beer

Courtesy of Work For Your Beer

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