7 must-try Korean restaurants in Charlotte

7 must-try Korean restaurants in Charlotte
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It’s only been a few years since Charlotte’s Korean food scene started to emerge. We had some bulgogi and kimchi, but you had to search for it.

When Choi’s Korean & Wing opened about 20 years ago it was called Choi’s Chinese Wing and primarily focused on Chinese food and chicken wings. But over time, the Korean family who owns it noticed a shift in the city’s palette. Diners would make special requests for bulgogi and bibimbap, so eventually the family changed the restaurant’s name and started serving Korean food full-time.

In the past few years, we’ve seen Korean food make its way closer to center city with the addition of hip fusion restaurant Seoul Food Meat Company, fast-casual Bulgogi Box, and all-you-can-eat Let’s Meat. This summer, upscale MOA Korean BBQ & Bar opened just steps from the corner of Trade and Tryon.

Here’s a look at Charlotte’s 7 must-try Korean restaurants — from a food stall in an international market to fancy date night spot. (Listed in no particular order.)


MOA Korean BBQ & Bar

Upscale Korean barbecue restaurant with a fancy steakhouse-like atmosphere

Background: Before opening MOA, and his sister restaurant 929 Kitchen & Bar in Columbia, Sean Kim noticed a gap in the Korean-American dining scene. All-you-can-eat Korean barbecue places often used less expensive meats like pork belly to increase profit margins, he says. And when he thought about the other Korean options, very few were right for special occasions or a business meeting. MOA fills that need, he says, with an almost steakhouse-like vibe.

What to order: To start, order a Korean pancake (with seafood, kimchi, or seafood and kimchi). Then go big with a Korean BBQ combo ($80-$200, feeds 2-5).

Location: 128 S. Tryon St. in Uptown.

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moa korean bbq

moa interior


Small Korean restaurant in the back of a Korean market in Matthews

What to order: Yaki mandoo ($7.99 for 10 fried dumplings) and bulgogi marinated Korean BBQ ($12.99) over rice with banchan, side dishes typically come with a Korean entree like kimchi.

Location: 10920 Monroe Rd., Matthews

pepero korean restaurant bulgogi

pepero korean restaurant

Choi’s Korea & Wing

Modest family-run restaurant that’s been around for 20 years

Background: Located in an old Long John Silvers off South Boulevard, Choi’s has a large menu of Korean dishes as well as Chinese food, a Greek gyro, and Korean-American bulgogi cheesesteak fusion. Owners Jong and Yong Choi plan to retire in 2023 so dine here while you still can.

What to order: Start with kimbab, a Korean sushi roll with bulgogi beef, carrots, crab, cucumber, daikon, and rice rolled in seaweed. For your main course, go with bibimbap served in a stone bowl (a.k.a. dolsot) or pork ja jang myun noodles. Choi’s is also known for its wings.

Location: 808 E. Arrowood Rd.

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Choi's Korea & Wing in South Charlotte

Spread from Choi's Korea and Wing on South Boulevard

Spread from Choi’s Korea and Wing off of South Boulevard.

Interior Chois Korean food

(Photo taken pre-coronavirus)

Korean Restaurant inside Super G Mart (takeout only)

A mother-daughter duo runs this food stall located in the back of Super G Mart

Background: Nancy Park and her daughter Jade Chong own the aptly named Korean Restaurant, which under normal circumstances is open six days a week in the back right corner of the Super G Mart in Independence Square. During the coronavirus pandemic, the food stall is temporarily closed.

What to order: The dolsot bibimbap ($11.99) here nails the crispy rice at the bottom. It’s No. 11 on the menu. (Currently unavailable because its only for dine-in service. Alternatively, you can order the classic bibimbap.)

Location: 7323 E. Independence Blvd., inside the Super G Mart.

korean restaurant super g mart 2

Seoul Food Meat Company

Korean-inspired pub food with a late-night scene and karaoke rooms

What to order: The wings. They come in two flavors — soy garlic or spicy barbecue. Order half and half ($9 for six to $29 for 30) and then order some drinks.

Location: 1400 S. Church St., Ste. A, South End.

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Wings at Seoul Food Meat Company

Let’s Meat KBBQ

All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ from the Seoul Food owners

What to order: The all-you-can-eat BBQ experience costs $29.99, and you’ll have a two-hour limit. Just order a little bit of everything — brisket, pork belly, shrimp, and more. If you’re getting takeout, go with a bento box.

Location: 1400 S. Church St., Ste. B, South End. It’s next-door to Seoul Food.

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lets meat takeout

(Photo taken pre-coronavirus)

Bulgogi Box

Fast-casual restaurant with Korean BBQ bowls

What to order: The namesake dish — beef bulgogi box ($16) with thin slices of grilled beef and Korean BBQ sauce, sautéed onions, and white rice.

Location: 1750 Camden Rd., Ste. 104, South End.

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bulgogi box

More Korean food: Hawker’s has dishes from countries across the Asian continent, including South Korea. There’s also GOGI and Hiya, Korean food trucks. And Fujiyama in Latta Arcade Uptown has plenty of Korean dishes like galbi and bibimbap, too.

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