We asked Charlotte kids how they feel about the pandemic. Here’s what they said

We asked Charlotte kids how they feel about the pandemic. Here’s what they said
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There’s a lot of ongoing discussions about kids’ schooling, safety, and mental health right now. But has anyone asked kids how they feel about all this?

Do they worry about getting sick? What’s their opinion on virtual learning? We created a panel of 12 Charlotte kids to find out how they really feel about everything happening in 2020.

How do you feel about going to school virtually?

Note: All interviewees will be starting off the school year with virtual learning.

“It’ll be a very different experience, but I think it will go well. I’ll have a lot more playtime, and I can sit in bed all day.” — Keaton, 4th grade
“I wanted to go on the school bus.” — Alex, 1st grade
“I wish I could do it in a classroom … I know I’m going to miss out on the playground. It’s outside, why can’t we play on it?” — Sophia, kindergarten
“I wish it was not this way, I would much rather meet people in person. I am little worried about trying to make new friends.” — Campbell, 6th grade

How do you think your parents feel about you going to school virtually?

“A little stressed out because they have to work and it will be hard to help us out.” — Grady, 5th grade
“I think my parents are happy ’cause we are doing school and they don’t have to drive us there.” — Braelyn, 3rd grade
“I think my mom is cool with it because she is always teaching me things.” — Mikaela, 6th grade
“My mom’s nervous, I know that for a fact. She keeps asking me questions.” — Olive, 3rd grade


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Do you wear a mask? Do you think it’s important?

“Yes, I wear a mask and it is important that other people wear masks because we don’t want to get sick and have to go to the doctor.” — Braelyn, 3rd grade
“Yes and yes. It’s important because two people might not wear masks at the grocery store and cough, and they might get the virus.” — Alex, 1st grade
“A lot of communities have suffered so I think it is important. I am going to make a cure for the corona when I grow up.” — Kamden, 2nd grade

Do you pay attention to politics?

“I pay attention to some politics … I am glad that Governor Cooper decided to move on to Phase 2.” — Keaton, 4th grade

Do you think a lot about the pandemic?

“I just worry that Covid will never stop. I was counting the days of quarantine, but I stopped after 160.” — Keaton, 4th grade
“No. I don’t feel like I’m at risk for the virus because I’m not allowed to go anywhere.” — Jake, 6th grade
“I think about it sometimes and worry about the germs. I wash my hands a lot.” — Bryson, 3rd grade
“If I get sick, then my parents get sick and I worry about that.” — Olive, 3rd grade
“Yes, I do. Because nobody could get anything. They couldn’t go anywhere. A lot of people didn’t have food. I repeat, this was the worst year of my life.” — Kamden, 2nd grade

When do you think things will get back to the way they used to be?

“In a very long time.” — Sophia, kindergarten
“Well, once corona is over it will take everyone a while to get used to not screaming when someone sneezes.” — Keaton, 4th grade

What do you want to tell Charlotte adults about what it’s like to be a kid right now?

“I want adults to know that kids are doing OK. We can handle things and we can learn and we’re not going to become ‘the dumb generation.'” — Jake, 6th grade
“I just want to say that it’s a confusing time to be a kid. I wish I knew more about what’s going on.” — Keaton, 4th grade
“We are all just going to have to figure this out together.” — Bryson, 3rd grade
“One thing I want to tell adults is that it is pretty scary to be in this situation right now … And it must be scary for you adults that are trying to keep your kids as safe as possible!” — Wesley, 6th grade
“Our mental health is so important, take more time with us and be more patient.” — Mikaela, 6th grade

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