Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on pandemic pods, CEO’s mansion, Mood House, wine slushies, and South End condos

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on pandemic pods, CEO’s mansion, Mood House, wine slushies, and South End condos
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: CEO of Rack Room Shoes lists Eastover estate for $3.6M

“Gorgeous but $3.6 and having to change the 50’s checkerboard floor and tacky colored backsplash upon arrival, nah…but I guess that’s a drop in the bucket if you have $3.6 to spend on a house!” — D

“About the same square footage as a Rack Room STORE!!!” — K

“Wow, only 3.6? Will check it out!” — A


In response to: During phase two, Charlotte bars should be closed. Why are some opening anyway?

“I definitely feel bad for the bars and all businesses that are struggling, but there is something that feels especially wrong about someone who doesn’t even live in the state, being cavalier about risking the lives of North Carolinians.” — G

“Because people don’t want to lose their businesses.” — D

In response to: Cash Confessional: Pure Pizza founder Juli Ghazi went from food stamps to owning multiple businesses 

“This was a great read, one of my fave CC from a business owner. 1 of the many things that attracted me to Khali was the diversity I saw when I walked in the 1st time and have continued to see since then. The free meditation for members of the Black community have been wonderful! I’ve avoided yoga for the reasons Juli mentioned but always felt that Khali was different and now I know that it was meant to be different.” — T

“Great people great pizza!” — J

“Typically I hate the cash confessionals, but this was a really good one. I mean obviously she did have *some* level of Financial Security in order to open the business (savings and credit cards), but in opening Pure Pizza she invested everything that she had, leaving herself with nothing. And I definitely think that is admirable. She made this huge temporary sacrifice in hopes that it would lead to greater financial security in the future. And the gamble paid off. She literally invested in herself with all that she had. And my husband and I love their food. We order from there all the time. So I’m really glad to be able to hear more about its background and how it was built up. It definitely makes me respect the hell out of the effort.” — S

In response to: See inside: Grand Bohemian Hotel opens tomorrow in Uptown, along with 2 restaurants

“OMG it looks amazing. The presentation is beautiful. Can’t wait to try it.” — H

“Can’t wait for our staycation!” — A


“What dreams are made of.” — F

In response to: Finally, the Jackalope Jack’s site in Elizabeth will get new life as offices, retail, and restaurants

“I’ll take how to ruin a cool neighborhood for a 100, Alex ….” — D

“Yeah … let’s put an office building right in middle of a pretty chill neighborhood … said no one ever.” — J

“Makes me really miss the Philosopher’s Stone.” — S

“Silver lining, at least they’re letting evening folks use the deck they’re building.” — D

In response to: A new brewery is under construction in an old bank on Monroe Road


“Lol this is the most Charlotte thing I have ever seen.” — L

“I present to you: Charlotte in a nutshell.” — D

“The kind of charlotte news you expect to see on April 1.” — C

In response to: How ‘pandemic pods’ work, how much they cost, and who they leave behind

“This model in this article seems a bit costly in my opinion especially for lower income families. If grants or financial assistance becomes available, it could definitely be a “go” for a lot of families. Shout out to my friend Starreen Henderson who is already doing this and is affordable…” — S

In response to: Looking to buy in South End? New condos coming fall 2021 start at $305K

“Honestly a mortgage on these might be cheaper than rent…” — H

“Great investment property. My one bedroom apartment in uptown was just under $2,000 a month.” — G

“No Pool!! F that!” — J

“Only 305K? Well why didn’t you just say so! Since we have money growing on trees, this should be easy.” — D

“A one bedroom condo, under 800 square feet, for $334k?! Are these in New York or Charlotte?” — K

In response to: Charlotte home prices rise, even with pandemic

“Unfortunately, this isn’t just in Charlotte. I’ve been looking around Midland, Mt. Pleasant and the prices are outrageous (imo). Guess I’ll stay where I am.” — A

“No one wants to sell their house because we’re all refinancing. We could upgrade to a larger house but instead we opted to do a 10-year mortgage (so we’ll pay off in just over 15 years total) and aggressively pay down our debt with a rate in the 2s.” — E

In response to: With an influx of new development, does Plaza Midwood risk losing its identity?

“At this rate the city will have no identity at all within a few years. Hopefully local favorites can hold on through the pandemic to keep what little we have left.” — J

“Absolutely. Luxury apartments will destroy all the culture in Plaza, NoDa, and South End.” — E

“Have to make room; we are one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Pandemic is driving a lot of relocations into the area. Just look at recent housing trends. 20 years ago folk were asking me if we even had an airport here. I’d say it’s a good thing in long run.” — R

In response to: Massage spa Mood House opening this fall calls itself the ‘SoulCycle of massage.’ Memberships now available

“Great starting price 👏🏾👏🏾💕💕.” — L

“This is super important.” — B

“Can’t get here fast enough.” — A

In response to: Charlotte’s gyms are barely hanging on

“Gyms should be allowed to open but I would absolutely lose my 💩 if someone wasn’t wiping down the equipment after they sweat all over it. I have no idea why people think this is acceptable but you’d might as well sneeze in my face.” — J

“Leave them closed. Friendly reminder we’re in a freakin’ pandemic.” — M

In response to: Summer wine slushie anyone? 7 vineyards within an hour of Uptown

“There is also a new vineyard that is slightly over an hour from uptown called Vineyard at The Old Place in Peachland. They have the slushies too.” — B

“Let’s go! I’ve tried the slushee at a couple of these places & are so good!” — K

“Don’t forget the Winery & Brewery at Catawba Farms — wine, beer, food, animals, 17+ acres, a bed & breakfast and more.” — T

“Take me pls.” — C

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