Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on Home of the Year, Skiptown, Remote Work, and Harvey Gantt

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on Home of the Year, Skiptown, Remote Work, and Harvey Gantt
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: Home of the Year 2020

“Just would like to let this family know that I am available for adoption.” — C

“Obviously obsessed. You can tell the home owner took a lot of time thinking about her kids, their friends, and creating a cozy entertaining space. But can we just give a hand for the style too. Perfect home. ” — T


“$4, final offer. Take it or leave it!” — C

“Lovely house, but it’s a shame that they scrimped and didn’t go all the way to 1,000 sq ft per person.” — D

“Stunning from top to bottom!” — L

In response to: See inside: Grand Bohemian Hotel opens August 5 in Uptown

“Kinda wanna stay here just to admire the decor. Those rugs.” — M

“I see a staycation in our future…” — J

“Hotel. Motel. Grand Bohemian Inn.” — N

“No choice but to try the new spa for comparison.” — L

“You lost me at doesn’t have a pool.” — K

In response to: Skiptown, a 24,000-square-foot dog park and bar, is opening this summer in South End

“Not sure what the splash pad entails, but add a decent sized puppy swimming/fetch pool to this and it would game over.” — J

“I’ll go to the actual WWC for a $6 parking fee or Lucky Dog for free.” — D

“I’m PAWsitive this happy gal is going to love it at Skiptown! Can’t wait until it opens!” — M

In response to: 8 Charlotte TikTokers to follow — covering food, dad humor, dance moves, and more

“The dad jokes guy is hilarious. Didn’t know he was from Charlotte. The one where he’s taking his son golfing for the first time is great.” — D

“Oh man! We’re going to have to step up our game!” — D

In response to: New Orleans-inspired brunch spot named Ruby Sunshine now open in South End

“We have to go here. Ruby slipper is my fave ever.” — L

“Ruby Slipper is good eating! Exciting.” — Y

In response to: See inside: Black Wednesday founder Corri Smith’s house is all black from the exterior to the closet

“THANK YOU for showcasing Corri Smith’s house! We live in this amazing, diverse city of artists and creatives and yet all I ever seem to see when it comes to real estate tours and home features is the same boring white kitchens and pastel nurseries – in South Charlotte, of course. Her house is gorgeous, unique, and in Druid Hills. LOVE IT.” — A

“Spooky.” — S

“Thank you for featuring a real person with a real house in today’s story! It is awesome to see a house that is not a million dollars, is not white on white on white, and was not staged so intensely that it’s difficult to imagine a real human living there. Thank you to Corri for showing us your gorgeous – and real – home! Also, your dogs are really cute.” — B

“Dream house… could use a pool though.” — H

“‘A little witchy but undoubtedly warm’ is the best way ever I could describe my good friend. Great piece here…also, this house is going to be THE spot for trick-or-treaters (in 2021, of course).” — M

“As a Teacher that worked at Tryon Hills Elementary, I don’t know too many people that were looking to buy in that area a few years ago. It’s an area that’s undergoing rapid gentrification. Beautiful home… but please be mindful of how it came about.” — B

“I wouldn’t have thought of black for the exterior, but I actually like this a lot.” — S

In response to: Charleston-based Xiao Bao and its legendary okonomiyaki are coming to Optimist Hall next spring 

“This is huge for the Charlotte food scene as a whole and Optimist Hall. One of the best restaurants in Charleston period!” — M

“OMFG my dream come true.” — T

“Don’t have to go to Charleston for a good Okonomiyaki anymore!” — T

“Oh my gosh,oh my gosh, oh my gosh 🙌👏. Sparks will be flying off our forks!!🤣.” — N

In response to: ‘What did not change, was racism’: A conversation with Charlotte civil rights icon Harvey Gantt

“Great article! I’ve always admired Harvey Gantt, but it was interesting to learn more about his background and life experiences. Thanks for sharing!” — A

“Charlotte royal.” — Z

“Please post more things like this!!! Harvey is a legend.” — M

“Harvey’s legacy extends beyond the work itself. It continues in the people he inspired and those they mentor, as learned from his example.” — D

In response to: A few of Charlotte’s largest companies just told employees they’ll work from home for the rest of 2020. Will others follow?

“This was long overdue. The professional world is changing. I hope one silver lining of the pandemic is that it forces these employers to really reevaluate how important physical office space is. We have so many tools to make remote work possible and I think more industries need to value remote work. …My work life balance has never been better and I’m a more productive employee because of it. Its good for both employees and company. If you can cut your budget by 20% with the same productivity and without laying people off, why wouldn’t you? I love how much the traffic patterns have changed in Charlotte since the pandemic began. Do you remember how bad rush hour used to be on 77? I used to sit in my cart commuting for TWO HOURS A DAY. Time wasted! Now I spend that time exercising, spending time with my family, and taking care of my home.” — A

“Make no mistake it’s not all about safety. These companies are also reducing overhead! They are going to ride that as long as they can while they reevaluate. I foresee a LOT of empty commercial real estate in the future!” — L

“My husbands company here in Charlotte has said no one is returning from working at home until there’s a 14 day decline in Covid numbers and when they do return people will rotate in and out of the office and home. The only thing is he works more from home despite what one might think the opposite.” — A

“Employers putting employees safety & health first 🙌 ❤️ More employers need to follow especially large leading companies.” — M

“Our company did this last month. They are even allowing working parents to stay remote until August 2021.” — P

In response to: Life after the Manor Theatre: A nonprofit art house cinema is planned for a fast-changing part of NoDa

“Seems like a really good solution to keep some of the nostalgia of manor theatre but actually make a space that’s even better for creatives and makers. NoDa and the greenway district might be more conducive to creativity than what is now Myers Park area full of multi million dollar homes where Manor was located. I understand gripes people have about history being erased in Charlotte, but we need more solutions like this and less wishing for something that’s not feasible. Way to go Charlotte Film Society!” — B

“Yes! Keep spreading north with the things. We need more fun options in the University area.” — A


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