Introducing Hygge: More than just a coworking space

Introducing Hygge: More than just a coworking space
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First, let’s talk about Hygge the coworking space. Then, let’s talk about Hygge the hub for social innovation.

The space

(Note: Painting and construction still being finalized right now)













Membership Levels

  • One-Day Stand — Day passes $10/Day
  • Friends With Benefits  Open desk, unlimited access $99/month
  • Going Steady — Dedicated space in shared office $249/month
  • Ride-Or-Die — Private office for 2-5 person teams starting at $599/month
  • View full benefits here.

Grand opening event — Halloween morning


  • When: October 31, 9 a.m. to noon
  • Where: 809 W. Hill St, Suite C
  • What: Check out the space, eat donuts and drink coffee
  • Who: Joe’s Doughs pop-up & Pure Intentions Coffee pop-up
  • More: Facebook Event Page

The Living Room (powered by OrthoCarolina)


The Living Room is a dedicated free space for organizations and movements to host meetings that “facilitate connections and the advancement of social impact in Charlotte.” Organizations already using the space include Creative League of Interventionists and Charlotte AMA.

How it Works: (1) You reserve a time to use this for your organization. (2) Hygge sends you a temporary code that you and your members can use. (3) The space is completely yours for that time. Hygge expects you to use the heck out of it (wall-to-wall whiteboard, moveable TV, furniture/tables/chairs in whatever way you see fit). Learn more and book here.

“Many initiatives/organizations face basic challenges that prevent progression. One of the biggest hurdles is lack of a central meeting space. Most of this can attribute to the lack of funding that comes with the nature of volunteer based organizations. We feel not only is that a disservice to the organizations, the coffee shop’s wifi they’re most likely piggybacking off of, but for the progress of the city.” – Garrett Tichy, co-founder of Hygge.

“We’ve seen the energy level rise in our not-for-profit, start-up and entrepreneurial community we felt having a space for these very companies to meet would provide a jumpstart in progress and overall performance.” – Blair Primis, VP of Marketing at OrthoCarolina

(Note: OrthoCarolina is also a CA partner)

Events/Happenings in the Space

Illuminate –  A twice-monthly series facilitated by Josh Jacobson of Next Stage Consulting where participants gain a better understanding of how nonprofits in the Charlotte region work. First event: An Introduction (October 20th from 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) Free.

SkillPopA community-driven way for people to access in-person classes on a variety of subjects. Next event: Developing your online brand (taught by Corri Smith CEO of Black Wednesday Social, October 26th from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) Free.

The People

Current tenants include: Josh Jacobson (Next Stage Consulting), Chris Gallo (High Rise), Teresa Bryant-Parks (Savvy Girl Friday) and Garrett  Tichy/Kayla Dugger (Ready at 7 & co-founders of Hygge).



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