All the details on the new proposed massive Midtown project

All the details on the new proposed massive Midtown project
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Pappas Properties is planning a massive mixed-use project in Midtown Charlotte at the intersection of Kenilworth Avenue and Pearl Park Way.

The plan is to bring offices, a hotel, retail stores, apartments and a grocery store to this plot of land about a half-mile from the Metropolitan (which is by the same developer).


Below are the anticipated highlights of the project, but keep in mind the numbers are not set in stone. These are based on initial renderings and project plans. This is just meant to give you an overall idea of the project scope.



  • 170 rooms
  • 4,500 square feet of retail
  • 8 floors of hotel
  • 1 floor of retail and lounge

Office Building 1

  • 140,000+ square feet of office
  • 4,500 square feet of retail
  • 1 floor retail/lobby
  • 1 floor parking
  • 6 floors office

Office Building 2 labeled “Realtors Building”

  • 35,000 square feet of office
  • 3,175 square feet of retail
  • 2 floors office
  • 2 floors parking

Apartment Building

  • 250+ apartment units
  • 6,000 square feet club/fitness room
  • 3,850 square feet amenity deck
  • 3,850 square feet courtyard
  • 4,200 square feet leasing office

1200+ total parking spaces in project

  • 8 level space parking deck for apartments hotel, and retail
  • 60 spaces in Office Building 1
  • 66 spaces in Office Building 2

50,000 SF grocery store






This project seems to do most everything right. Thoughtful design, street front retail, proper mix of uses and design beyond Charlotte beige and “cars behind bars.” Also significant: The project will add a connection behind the project to Baxter Street on the northwest side, making it accessible from both Kenilworth and McDowell.

However, we all know the Metropolitan parking garages are the 7th circle of hell and it looks to be a similar design here. Definitely a concern there. More on this as it develops…

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