18 T-shirts you can buy now to support Charlotte businesses — including a toilet paper shirt from Selwyn Pub

18 T-shirts you can buy now to support Charlotte businesses — including a toilet paper shirt from Selwyn Pub
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Charlotte businesses are still weeks away from being able to open at full capacity. But buying a T-shirt is one way to show some support.

Quint Noble, co-owner of Inkfinity Printing and STZLIFE, has used its printing and apparel services to support more than 100 small businesses in North Carolina, including several in Charlotte, with an iniative called “NC Here for Good.”

“We heard a bunch of people saying their customers wanted to support even while they were closed but didn’t have a way to do so if they didn’t have an e-commerce presence, or they couldn’t risk cashflow on inventory during this time of uncertainty,” Noble says.

Businesses submitted their ideas for T-shirt designs and Inkfinity sold them through their site for $25 each. The shirts are available for purchase here.

So far, NC Here for Good has raised more than $38,000 for small businesses, including The Batchmaker, Lincoln’s Haberdashery, and That’s Novel Books.


“We all had moments of anxiety and fear over this pandemic,” he says, “but seeing the excitement and positivity take hold with this initiative is what has gotten us through the low times and pushing forward.”

Here are 18 T-shirts you can buy to support local businesses:

girl tribe t-shirt

(1) Girl Tribe

Background: Girl Tribe founders Sarah Baucom and Carrie Barker launched Girl Tribe Sponsorship Fund to help other small businesses stay afloat, along with a collection of T-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts to help raise money for the cause. The “support small biz” collection has shirts for kids and adults, plus baby onesies.

$10 from every adult shirt ($5 from every kids’ shirt and baby onesie) goes into the fund. So far, Girl Tribe has given $100-$500 checks to 10 businesses. Seventy-five have applied to get the cash grant.

“Charlotte is an incredible place to have a small business,” Baucom says. “We need to continue to support small businesses because that’s what’s going to make Charlotte unique.”

Details: Shirts cost $20-$30, hats are $32, and sweatshirts are $58. Order online here.

thats novel books tshirt

(2) That’s Novel Books

Details: Available through the Here for Good initiative. $12.50 from every shirt ($25) goes directly to That’s Novel Books, a cozy book store at Camp North End. Sizes are S-XXXL. Order online here.

the batchmaker tshirt

(3) The Batchmaker

Details: Also available through the Here for Good initiative. $12.50 from every shirt ($25) goes directly to The Batchmaker. Sizes are S-XXXL. Order online here.

lincolns haberdashery tshirt

(4) Lincoln’s Haberdashery

Details: A play on Ben Franklin’s famed “Join or Die” cartoon, this tee goes for $25. Half of that fee goes directly to Lincoln’s Haberdashery. Sizes are S-XXXL. Order online here.

jeni's tshirt

(5) Jeni’s

Details: “Please take me to Jeni’s” is my mood always, and your entire fam can get this shirt in their size. It’s $15 for a onesie, $20 for a kid’s shirt, and $25 for adult sizes. Order online here.

kindred tshirt

(6) Kindred

Details: If you have a love affair with Kindred’s milk bread, this “milk bread help group” tee is for you. Shirts cost $20 and the only size left is XL. Order online here.

704 shop t-shirt

(7) 704 Shop

Details: If you want to show Charlotte pride, 704 Shop has tons of CLT-themed tees, sweatshirts, and other apparel. Most T-shirts are $32. They’re also adding face masks later this week for $18 (you’ll be able to shop those here once available). Shop for T-shirts online here.

midwood tshirt

(8) Midwood Smokehouse

Details: People in the South are serious about barbecue. If you identify with that, you might need a “Brisket Snobs” or a “We Smoke the Good Stuff” tee. Shirts are $25 and come in size S-XXL. Order online here.

yafo tshirt

(9) Yafo

Details: People tend to have strong feelings about hummus. You can make your stance clear with this $25 Yafo T-shirt. Order online here.

baby yoda noda

(10) NoDa

Details: NoDa has a few T-shirt designs, a tank top, and a quarter-zip, but the Baby Yoda Hop Drop ‘n Roll shirts are especially worth pointing out. They retail for $25. Click here to buy a Yoda shirt or browse all tees here.

honeysuckle gelato tshirt

(11) Honeysuckle Gelato

Details: Calling all gelato lovers. Pick between “Gelato, Y’all” or “Be Sweet, Eat Gelato” shirts for $20 each. Order online here.

glory days Charlotte Strong tshirt

(12) Glory Days Apparel

Details: Another shop to check out if you want some Charlotte pride gear, Glory Days released tons of new shirt designs, plus a coloring book, dog toy, socks, dog leash, and other Charlotte-themed items. Shirts start at $30.

Give back: Proceeds from the CLT Strong shirt feed frontline workers. The shirt is $30 and more will be added to the site later this week. Order online here.

mamas tshirt

(13) Mama Ricotta’s

Details: Mama Ricotta’s is where I go for comfort food, so it’s fitting their shirts read “mama knows best.” Call 704.343.0148 to order.

hello,sailor shirt

(14) Hello, Sailor

Details: A tiki cocktail on the water sounds dreamy right now. Until that’s possible, I’m loving these colorful nautical punny shirts. They retail for $20 and there are two color options: gray and coral. You can also browse trucker hats, sunglasses, and koozies if you want to go all out. Order online here and pick up the goods with curbside or dockside pickup.

rurus tshirt

(15) RuRu’s Tacos

Details: I think we’re also missing margaritas on a local restaurant’s patio but for now, this “Suck it” shirt from RuRu’s ($20) is the closest we can get. Call 704.332.7933 to order.


(16) The Charlotte Ledger

Details: Proceeds from the shirt and dog bandana sales go to the Atrium Health Essential Needs Fund. Shirts are $15 and dog bandanas are $13. Order a shirt online here and the dog bandana here.

selwyn pub tp tshirt

(17) Selwyn Avenue Pub

Details: I’ll never take having a full supply of toilet paper or being able to sit around a fire with my favorite people (with a transfusion cocktail) for granted again, and this shirt is certainly a reminder of that. All profits go to providing meals for health care workers; so far Selwyn has provided over 2,300 meals, in part through the sales of this special TP tee. Shirts are $15. Order online here.

pacos tacos tshirt

(18) Paco’s Tacos

Details: Show your love for tacos and celebrations with this $25 “all fiesta no siesta” shirt. Call 704.716.8226 to order.

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