Parents were asked how teachers are going above and beyond. Here are 50 responses

Parents were asked how teachers are going above and beyond. Here are 50 responses
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In a survey sent to Agenda newsletter subscribers last month, we asked parents to share the ways their kids’ teachers are going above and beyond. From parades to check-ins to thoughtful lesson plans, teachers are stepping up in a big way for their students.

“I occasionally listen in on the kids’ Zoom meetings, and I’m so touched by the amount of time their teachers are spending to check in on each child’s emotional health,” one parent shared. “The teachers have to be completely overloaded with this new style of learning, yet they spend most of their time making sure the kids are doing OK. It reminds me that I’m not alone in supporting my kids as a parent. I’m so thankful.”

Here are 50 more shoutouts for Charlotte teachers.

(Note: These responses were written after remote learning was in place, but before the broader stay at home order.)

Personal messages and words of encouragement

“Sent a letter in the mail with a stamped envelope inside so that my son could send her a letter in return, but made it as simple as possible for the parent — she included the envelope, the stamp and the paper.”

“Writing a sidewalk chalk message in our driveway for our daughter.”


“Sent a personal postcard to each student and participated in parade of neighborhoods.”

“My daughter’s teacher left her the sweetest note in one of her school books that we found while in quarantine. It brightened my daughter’s day.”

“The teachers did a drive-by parade through the neighborhoods.”

“Kindergarten teacher sent my son a handmade birthday card in the mail since we’re all home.”

“Our boys’ teachers have sent class and individual videos to everyone. They range from just saying hello, to providing ideas for indoor activities, to singing the songs they usually sing at school. They’ve been amazing throughout all of this. Also, other schools have scheduled neighborhood drive through parades — they decorate their cars and pass by the homes waving and saying ‘We miss you!’ So sweet.”

“Wesley Chapel Elementary Teachers drove through the neighborhood in parade fashion to say hi to the kids. Very moving.”

“The teachers (my son is in 2nd grade at St. James Elementary-Lincoln County) spent the entire day today in a huge caravan of cars decorated with signs and streamers driving the bus route and waving/honking at the kids to show them how much they’re missed.”

“Positive reinforcements through Zoom classroom to keep my senior positive despite them losing out on many milestones.”

Supporting students — and parents

“Sent information about places that are offering lunch. Also sent out info on how to obtain internet if you don’t already have it in your home.”

“My son has ADHD. His teacher sent home all study materials home in a nice, neat box and has been e-mailing me books that can be printed at home for his reading level for free.”

“My kindergartner smiles so big listening to his teacher read (over video). I hate this for him.”

“I have been so impressed with CMS teachers. Our teacher was prepared before they knew they’d be teaching remotely. I love how the teacher communicates with the kids online, tells them how much he misses them, and how the class stays in touch online to help support each other. I hope people don’t tear teachers apart for this difficult process — this is something we’ve never encountered, and they already have enough on their shoulders.”

“Encouraging check-ins with both kids and parents … a lot of  ‘we’re in this together’ and ‘we got this’ type messages”

“My daughter’s teacher has a daily Zoom meeting with the kids at 10 a.m. She uses this time to ask the kids what they’ve been up to and opens up conversations to keep the 3rd graders engaged. These meetings also give the kids a sense of normalcy because they get to see their classmates and teacher every day. Her teacher also emails parents every single day (!) a suggested daily schedule and a student work plan which makes my job extremely easy because she literally lays it all out for students and parents. My son goes to a private school for children with special needs, and they’re using Google classroom and pre-recorded daily lessons. They sent home an arsenal of worksheets, books, even art materials/ supplies that go along with the pre-recorded lessons. Basically, teachers, aides, and school staff are amazing.”

“Reminded the parents that all students are in the same boat and they will be just fine even if they’re not getting exactly what they would in school for these last few weeks.”

“Providing online resources, reading books via YouTube, setting up a weekly Zoom meeting with the class, and calling us every week to check in (on progress, how we’re feeling, to see if we need food, etc).”

“Our child’s preschool prepared dinners for an entire week for all families who signed up. They also put together activity packets on Fridays for the kids to work on while at home.”

“My daughter’s teacher if there was any help we needed — financial assistance or food. She wanted to make sure our daughter felt secure.”

“Scheduled class zoom videos, recorded themselves singing the kid’s favorite songs, hosted a parent bingo game with a chat about how to cope after.”

“The teacher answered emails from me like six times in a row when I couldn’t figure out how to log in to some things.”

“My daughter’s biology teacher at East Meck purchased and mailed each of his AP Biology students the AP Bio Study Guide using his own money. That kind of thoughtfulness and concern is amazing.”

Adapting and accommodating during tough times


“Our special needs son is aging out of CMS and his teacher could have just said ‘Good luck.’ But he is still putting together e-learning plans.”

Mrs.B.TV is the Instagram handle for the Huntingtowne Farms Elementary science teacher who is posting experiments and fun Tik Tok videos for everyone!”

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“My 16 yo daughter is a sophomore at NMHS and her theater teacher brought all the kids who were to be in the school musical together to connect via Zoom.”

“My son’s first grade teacher has bedtime story time twice per week. It’s been awesome! ”

“My kids’ teachers have been amazing. They send their work packets in advance, they’re available all day for questions, they are taking time to go deliver meals to kids who need it. Teachers are heroes.”

“I think just having them trying to keep in touch and keep the kids involved in learning has been helpful. It is surreal when you hear your daughter in a zoom meeting with one teacher, and then saying she’s going to have to jump over to another meeting in a few minutes. She’s 12, and her day now sounds like she’s in middle management.”

“Running online classes via Zoom with 20 seven-year-olds. Nobody should be required to do that.”

“Dropped off supplemental materials in our mailbox; I’ve also been impressed with the weekly classroom meetings and teachers managing about 20 kids on zoom.”

“Everything — giving out her personal number, video conferencing one on one, working all hours of the day.”

“She’s videoed herself reading stories, explaining a lesson, and even leading them in stretches/exercises. She even dropped off materials on our front doorstep! The school has also had a Zoom class get-together.”

“My son’s honors English teacher planned a ‘Sneak Attack’ on his students where he separately asked all the parents to send in cute or embarrassing photos of our kids, and he created a daily slideshow. It was fun as parents to reminisce in finding pictures to share, and will be fun this week as the kids have no idea he’s doing this.”

“My Spanish language professor at UNC Charlotte deserves a shout out. Professor Cisneros has done everything within her power to make the transition for me from studying Spanish abroad to now being in her class. For the most part, everyone at UNC Charlotte has been amazingly understanding and helpful and I am incredibly proud to be a Niner!”

“We have been SO impressed with everything CMS has done (particularly our school, Elizabeth Lane Elementary) to get the virtual curriculum rolled out. Our teacher has scheduled Zoom calls with the kids in small groups and as a class, which has been the best part so far for our first grader. He desperately misses his friends and the school environment.”

Emotional and mental health check-ins

“My daughter’s first grade teacher does a 20 minute one-on-one session with each student per week in addition to their daily class Zoom meetings. This individual attention means so much to the kids and is a way for her to really get a sense of how each child is doing emotionally.”

“She reads their chapter book aloud and records herself. She has set office hours so the kids can get in touch with her, but mostly she told them try not to stress — they are all in this together.”

“Our teachers have tried to maintain the connections between themselves and their students by having weekly advisory Zoom calls and even Facetime calls on their ‘free time’ to individual students who need a little more love and attention. It has moved me to tears.”

“Checking in on the kids’ emotional well-being by video chats and emails.”

“All of the love that clearly comes through on the Zoom calls.”

“Counselor FaceTimes!”


“My 4 year old son wasn’t comfortable with Zoom. He was very embarrassed. She set up a one-on-one session with him to read him a book about an orangutan since she knew he had a stuffed animal one. She even changed the orangutan’s name in the book to ‘Juicepants’ (the name of his lovey) when she read it to him.”

“We have preschoolers (4 and 2) and the teachers have setup up Flipgrid for the kids to exchange videos. We have Zoom show and tell. Every Monday we receive emailed lesson, activities, and the teachers have even sent video of them to the kids favorite activities or reading their favorite books. They have truly been amazing.”

“Preschool teachers have made YouTube videos for circle time and story time for our kids and have FaceTimed them individually to check in. Their music teacher from school has continued to hold music classes over Zoom.”

“We have preschoolers, so thankfully we don’t have to worry about grades or anything. But our teachers are amazing at staying connected. They’ve been sending us their lesson plans, art project ideas, links to songs they sing in class, they’ve set up Zoom meet ups for the kids to see each other, and they’ve mailed cards and stickers.”

“Our preschool teacher posted a video of her reading a book on YouTube for a virtual circle time. Our little guy really enjoyed it.”

“Our kids are all preschool and younger, but our four-year-old’s preschool teacher (shout out to Jessie Drennen) made craft packets for each kid in the class that we could pick up. It’s been wonderful.”

“Our sweet preschool teachers are filming story time each day to share with the kids. She dresses up with the theme of the book and all.”

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