Overheard this week in Charlotte: Chipotle bowls to Bojangles’ IPO

Overheard this week in Charlotte: Chipotle bowls to Bojangles’ IPO
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This is part of an ongoing series titled #OverheardinCLT, things overheard in our city. Participate by tagging a post on social or submit what you’ve overheard.


Yoga wisdom

After a class at Charlotte Yoga
Barefoot yogi with dreads talking to somebody.
Guy: “Start with yes and see what happens.”


Obesity in America

Overheard at the food court in SouthPark Mall
Fit looking couple sharing a Chipotle bowl at a table near the Showmars.
Guy: “This bowl is huge, it’s hard to think that a just one person could eat this whole thing.”
Girl: “This is why America is so fat.”


Bojangles’ IPO to health

Standing in line at a lunch spot in the Epicentre.
Two guys in well pressed button down shirts and slacks.
Guy #1: “Some PE firm is going to ton it with that Bojangles’ IPO.”
Guy #2: “I think the firm is out of Boston. Hugh McColl’s group used to own it, but sold it a few years ago and made hundreds of millions.”
Guy #1: “Profit margin on breakfast all day must be incredible.”
Guy #2: “Now I kind of want a bacon, egg and cheese.”
Guy #1: “Ha. You’re wife would yell at you.”
Guy #2: “I know, I know.”


Urban living

Inside the Wells Fargo atrium.
Young business guy wearing a grey suit in his mid to late 20s talks to his buddy.
Guy: “Yeah I don’t understand states without big cities.”


Workout etiquette

Inside the Dowd YMCA
Nice girl to a guy who is singing with his headphones on.
Girl:”I’m gonna go lift real weights over here because you’re distracting.”
*Note we agree with the Red Ventures:


International conversations at “Star Wars Knight”

In the seats at the Charlotte Knights Baseball game.
A young guy is talking to his buddies.
Guy: “Well, a gay dude did try to pick me up in the Czech Republic. He was nice. He offered to buy me a drink… while I was out drinking with my dad.”


Fatherhood at Freedom Park

Brunch after a church service in South Charlotte. 
Two dad’s talking over an egg dish.
Dad #1: “We need to walk our babies together.”
Dad #2: “Yes, we should get a big dad group in on this. All meet at Freedom Park at the same time. I mean like 20 of us.”
Dad #1: “I’m in.”
Dad #2: “You’re baby is huge. Can he still fit into a Bjorn?”
Dad #1: “Unsure. I think he’ll kind of spill out, but whatever.”

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