Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on tarot card readings, sober bars, cash confessionals, and Girl Scout cookies

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on tarot card readings, sober bars, cash confessionals, and Girl Scout cookies
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: Everything you need to know about Charlotte Beer Garden

“Can I live here, too?” — P

“LMOA that’s the fanciest corn dogs I’ve ever seen.” — B

“I’ve been to the one in Raleigh and I love it!! When I hear of a new beer place in CLT, I generally roll my eyes but with this…. I’M EXCITED!!!” — R

In response to: One of Plaza Midwood’s most prominent properties is under contract

“The building the Dog Salon sits in, turn it into a mini Optimist Hall. A smattering of local eateries, with niche shops thrown in. Would do great in the area!” — J

“A face lift and a variety of useful tenants like Park Road Shopping center would be amazing!” — L

“I really hope no drastic changes are made. Especially to Book Buyers. If another of the best places in Charlotte falls, it’s going to be devastating. New does NOT equal better!!” — S

“This is a company with a long history in Charlotte. Let’s hope they create something that enhances Plaza Midwood and honors it’s history.” — L

“What will happen to the guy who boots everyone’s car? Where will he go!?” — M

In response to: Charlotteans spend an average of $25k on their weddings. Here’s what’s worth the money, and what’s not

“$22 at the courthouse. $20 for the wedding and $2 to park.” — K

“I’m going to run for President on a platform of wedding loan forgiveness. It is not fair people are robbed of their dream wedding by financial obstacles.” — M

“I know of so many people who have maxed out multiple credit cards to pay for their lavish wedding. To each their own, but that sounds like starting off your lives together with a ton of financial stress. I think it’s entirely possible to have a nice wedding on a budget- just takes more time, thrifting, and a lot of creativity.” — E

In response to: This Saturday, Goodwill will sell thousands of brand-name wedding dresses for $25+

“Let me just get one for the closet. Keep that on standby.” — C

“Such a great idea. If/when I decide to get married I’m absolutely buying secondhand. Dresses are insanely expensive just to be worn once for a few hours. A few years ago I saw a dress for $30 at Goodwill that was so beautiful I seriously considered buying it and storing it in the closet until the time comes.” — E

“Hell this makes me just want go remake the Friends episode with someone! LOL.” — S

In response to: Booze has become a part of Charlotte’s identity. Now, two women are going ‘counterculture’

“What parents are throwing kids birthday parties at breweries..?” — B

“Amazing! I run a restaurant and get asked all the time why I don’t sell beer. Because I don’t. I’m not adding it. Drink water. Good for these ladies!” — J

“Bravo to these young women for starting a cultural revolution, I hope! This is fantastic and thank you so much for sharing it. It is long overdue and people need to understand that they can have a wonderful, fun social life without alcohol. DUIs really aren’t a lot of fun. With the help of my God, a program of recovery and wonderful sober friends I have been almost 15 years without a drink and my life has never been better!” — M

“Way to go ladies! I LOVE going out but I don’t drink. I don’t mind going to places that serve alcohol because let’s be real, most of my friends drink and its up to me to turn down alcoholic beverages.” — J

“Alcohol free bars LOL. Sounds like a blast, I’m sure those will be successful. Let me get one of those $15 cranberry sodas in a crowded awkward bar.” — M

“Uhm people can hate, but being pregnant and wanting to hang with my husband but drink something good too…I’m all for this.” — C

“We were ordering ‘mocktails’ before ‘mocktails’ were a thing. ‘Hey bartender can you make me a drink that looks alcoholic so my friends will leave me alone?'” — X

In response to: The family behind The Franklin Hotel in Chapel Hill is planning a hotel in Plaza Midwood

“They should be required to keep La Autentica on the ground floor.” — R

In response to: Bachelor Nation: You can watch the finale with Grocery Store Joe and Vinny Ventiera at Lost & Found

“*tags friend* IDK what this means but I felt like you might like it.” — J

“Weekly watch parties? Greenville needs a place for this!” — D

“Oh my God go please. Tell grocery store Joe that i appreciated hearing a real Chicago accent on TV. Thank you.” — K

“Remember when I loved Vinny? Now’s my chance to shoot my shot.” — A

In response to: Cash Confessional: 31-year-old making $500,000 wants to give back to charity and be able to retire by 45

“I’d be super interested if they lived off the wife’s income and pocketed the $500k.” — A

“My dad retired from Pacific Bell (telephone man) at 45. He is 64 now and seems to be doing just fine.” — X

“Just curious, how many 31 year olds does Charlotte have that are making $500,000.00 a year??” — D

In response to: Meet the 8-year-old who has sold almost 4,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookie

“Olive for President ASAP.” — A

“Little Miss Olive! We’d buy whatever she is selling. In bulk.” — S

“Imagine how many more we would have sold if Venmo existed 15 years ago.” — S

“Best article by agenda to date lol. Go Olive!” — J

In response to: Charlotteans love $177 tarot card readings with this former biologist. What’s the appeal?

“Hate that this isn’t the first time I’ve been tagged in this.” — C

“I’ll do it for half the price, by phone or emails for you busy folks with no time and too much money. *Results not guaranteed.” — R

“Who knew it was so lucrative… I’ve been reading all my friends for free!” — J

In response to: Cash Confessional: 23-year-old with $63k salary rents bedrooms to college students for extra $18k

“Everyone has different goals and I applaud the kid for sticking to his so diligently, but no way could you get me to live with 3 college kids. I’ve been a college kid and know first hand how gross they are.” — J

“Kudos to this guy for having a plan and sticking to it so far. I agree there’s a lot more complexity headed his way with kids and taxes and insurance, but he’s ahead of so many by having a plan.” — B

“I’m about the same age with the same income. I should do something like this too.” — R

“My question is: Did he wear a costume for the festival?” — J

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