Meet the 8-year-old who has sold almost 4,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies

Meet the 8-year-old who has sold almost 4,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies
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A few days ago I met the best saleswoman in Charlotte. Her name is Olive, and she’s 8 years old.

With several weeks left in cookie season, Olive has already sold 3,856 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Last year she sold more than 2,000 boxes and won an Apple Watch. This year, she’s well on her way to winning a trip to the Girl Scout conference in Florida.

What makes Olive special is that she can’t just hit up her parent’s coworkers for sales (both of her parents work from home). Instead, she has to work a little harder to reach her cookie-selling goals: She sells at booths after-school and every weekend and has created her very own sales pitch.

And after hearing her sales pitch … all I have to say is if you don’t buy from Olive, you’re a monster. Here’s my interview with Olive about how she’s killing the cookie game:

Let’s start off with the most important question, what’s your favorite cookie?

Definitely Samoas.


What’s your favorite part about selling cookies?

I like giving people the sales pitch. And I like it when people buy. Because every box, even if they only buy one box, every box counts!

OK, give me your sales pitch.

I always say, “My personal favorites are Samoas and Thin Mints, but you can’t go wrong with Tagalongs either. The Do-si-dos are a peanut butter sandwich cookie, and they’re really good. The Trefoils are your usual shortbread cookie. If you pop the S’mores in the microwave for a few seconds they turn ooey and gooey like a real s’more. Oh, and the Toffee-tastic are really good even though they’re gluten-free.”

Do you ever get discouraged when people say they don’t want cookies?

A lot of people say, “I’m on a diet,” and sometimes it’s discouraging … but that’s when I grab a cookie box, and I’ll make up a dance and song. Once when I did that a car pulled over and said, “I want to buy some cookies because of that dance!”

What are your sales tips for other Girl Scouts?

You should go to areas like a college campus where you can get a lot of people to buy from you.

They should also act like they’re an actual Girl Scout! Show them that you’re happy and cheery. Don’t laugh when you do it. I say, “Girl Scout cookies, $4 a box!” but not everyone is up to that level.

Where is your best-selling location so far?

SouthPark Mall. We stood near where they put up the tree at Christmastime. I told all the people, “We take credit card!” and we sold 244 boxes. Hair salons and UNCC are also good to go to.

How many cookies do you eat a day?

I’ll eat two Samoas and a S’mores. Usually it’s about 3-4 total. It depends on how much I’m home.

How many hours a week do you spend selling cookies?

Every day I spend at least one hour trying to sell cookies.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a mom, be in the Olympics, and own a flower shop.

You would sell a lot of flowers. Do you have any other selling tricks?

If someone buys three or four boxes I say, “Five is an even $20!” It works even when people are paying with Venmo! I don’t know why.

Sometimes I use my puppy eyes. I can stick a lip.

If you’re not already impressed by an 8-year-old who uses the phrase “stick a lip,” Olive also told me that she donates some of her cookie sales to other scouts so they can win bigger prizes.

She also loves the fact that her cookie sales help fund her entire troop going to sleep-away camp.

If you want to order cookies from Olive, you can order online here but don’t wait too long; March 8 is the last day. Girl Scout cookie proceeds stay local so you can also search here to find a troop in your neighborhood.

You can find Olive out and about in Charlotte from Friday through Monday (ballet class is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

“I sell my heart out,” Olive adds. “I really do.”

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