Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on daycare, Earth Fare closing, Panthers tax cuts, and microweddings

Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on daycare, Earth Fare closing, Panthers tax cuts, and microweddings
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: The 7 best wing spots in Charlotte

“Charlotte has plenty of great wings. Instead of arguing over the ‘best’, rejoice in the fact we have so many amazing options.” – A

“CA once again proving their writers just freaking moved to Charlotte by not having McCoys Smokehouse on here. And it’s right in you beloved ‘LoHo’ South Blvd., Chadland.” – A


“Some of these places do have great wings… But if you haven’t had wings at Queen City Wings in Cherry, you may be missing the boat.” – E

In response to: 1,000 people lined up for 129 new affordable housing units on Freedom Drive on Monday

“It’s just sad how people are literally lining up for an OPPORTUNITY to receive affordable housing. my thoughts are with those people who go to work everyday and have past due notices piled up just because the cost to keep the roof over their head is too high whose only hope at escaping financial hardship is this property.” – J

“Why is the application fee $25.00? Why is there a fee at all?” – S

“Well that’s the first time a CA article has made me cry.” – J

In response to: Home Tour: See inside interior designer Charlotte Lucas’s colorful, contemporary Eastover abode


“Yikes, I’ll be nice and just say the decorating is not for me.” – Y

“This is amazing! Thank you for sharing something refreshing.” – T

In response to: The Goodyear House, a new restaurant set in an old mill home, opens February 4 in NoDa

“I remember when I lived there for only $500 for a room.”  – M

“Chris Coleman so proud and happy for you chef can’t wait.” – L

In response to: Wait and worry: The painful process of finding a daycare in Charlotte, and paying for it

“I’ve explained to my friends with small children that the solution is…doggie daycare. Look kids love dogs and dogs love kids so just turn them all loose together and Carolina Doggie Playland even has some playground equipment and wading pools.” – K

“I’ve had friends have to provide an ultra sound to prove they were pregnant to get on a waiting list. So it takes 9 months to have a baby but there is a 2 year wait list?” – K

“I was a stay at home mom because I couldn’t afford child care. My money would have gone to child care and my commute.” – V

“The competitiveness of parents with other parents to be in the ‘best’ also contributes to many good private daycares being overlooked that could provide less expensive options.” – H

“Really interesting article on the childcare issues in Charlotte! My husband and I moved from NJ to the Charlotte area five years ago. Two months after we moved, we found out we were pregnant with twins. The first thing we panicked about was who would take care of them when I had to go back to work?? It was devastating to have this burden (not to mention the fact that my full time job didn’t have a maternity leave policy). We had no family in the area and couldn’t afford to put two infants into daycare. I came across the idea of getting an au pair and financially it worked. For about $200 a week, we get 45 hours of childcare (plus additional fees to help with tuition and agency costs, and the fact that this person lives with us full time). There are definitely some down sides but overall it’s been a great solution for us. ” – S

In response to: Carolina Panthers get a big tax break on their stadium following county review

“Thanks for the article on David Tepper’s tax break on the stadium. I think perhaps the city should go ahead and declare him emperor. He seems to get whatever he wants.” – A

“Can I get one?” – C

“And people wonder why the 1% keeps getting richer….These people are incredibly skilled at telling us that what they do is good for us, throw us some shiny carrots to make it seem that way, then we shoulder all the cost. There is no evidence that these huge tax breaks actually benefit the little guy.” – P

In response to: Couple spends $360 on microwedding, a growing trend among Charlotte millennials

“We spent about $2,000 on our wedding, mostly on the photographer and dinner at an Italian restaurant. We got married on my parent’s farm. Spent what we would have spent on the wedding on 2 weeks in Europe, much better use of our money!” – L

“Umm how about hell no.” – D

“Our (Buncombe Co) courthouse wedding came in a little more than this but only because we hired one of Asheville’s top photographers to document the event. My dress, his suit, flowers, lunch for us and our parents, and courthouse fees- $700 and no regrets whatsoever.” – L

“Lol. My dress alone costs double their wedding.” – K

“I officiated a wedding on Christmas Day that was 5 of us around an outdoor table at Amelie’s. And it was beautiful.” – S

” I feel like I went all out for my wedding and we invited 200 people and our wedding wasn’t anywhere near $30k.” – M

“GOOD FOR THEM! It’s not the reception or getting married in a rustic barn that makes your wedding day special. … Hell, I left my own reception early because I was practically drooling every time I looked at wife and couldn’t wait another second to consummate our marriage. Save the money and spend it on the honeymoon.” – M

“Just do what you want and screw whatever is ‘trending.'” – Y

In response to: Cash Confessional: 22-year-old grad student living at home wants to pay off $42,000 in loans, invest in rental properties

“The south is so weird what’s the big deal about her living at home!? Up north you literally have no other option it’s so expensive. If her parents what to help her good for her! People are so quick to move out down here and I genuinely don’t understand it.” – D

“Get out of higher education ASAP. Depending on your functional area, it doesn’t offer an affordable lifestyle or any kind of work-life balance. Good luck.” – S

“Being able to live at home in a good situation is a gift that should be appreciated. Their mom is doing much more to support them than just buying groceries.” – E

In response to: Starting at 396 square feet, Charlotte’s first micro-apartments buck amenities and space for cheaper rent

“I don’t understand why everyone is harping on the space…. there is nothing wrong about the small space, nothing wrong about the minimal amenities. Nothing wrong with wanting to live near the city center. The price for it is well above the price for the comps in the area. That’s what makes it unaffordable.” – K

“Drink soylent, live in a cage, and spend all your money on ‘experiences.’” – G

“My first apartment in Charlotte was 400 square feet and for a single woman, it was plenty big. They are filling a need for people that want the convenience of living close to uptown and live a minimalist lifestyle.” – A

“When this project was first announced they said units would be $600-$800 a month. I can’t believe supply and demand can justify them raising it so much, but here we are.” – T

In response to: Everything you need to know about Optimist Hall

“I’m glad you mentioned the wifi at Optimist Hall and people having meetings/studying there. It’s awful. People buying a coffee and taking up multiple tables on their laptops during the lunch and dinner times on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays is annoying as f***. The owners of Optimist Hall should shut off the wifi during those hours to encourage people to eat, drink, and interact with each other rather than have tables of people silently staring at a laptop while others have to sit on the ground to eat.” – O

“I love this place. Excited for another bar to open since spindle was always packed. But most excited for Boxcar Betty’s. Their Boxcar chicken sandwich is heavenly.” – B

“Needs a good wine bar. The Spindle Bar only carries 1 bottle each of white, rose, and red wine. When we were there NYE the white was real sweet.” – C

In response to: Earth Fare is going out of business and will soon close all of its stores

“Sad day. Earth Fare was my second favorite grocery store in Charlotte.” – M

“Wegmans, if you’re looking for some Charlotte real estate, you may be in luck!” – J

“I always thought Earth Fare was a really cool concept. The stores had a very distinguishable look about them, they were always very clean and tidy, you could get beer and wine by the glass, pizza bar, etc. Here’s the kicker: my wife and I have been inside the Ft. Mill store about twice to look around and compared to where we shop, those groceries are so expensive it’s not even funny. Also, You can get organic groceries at just about any store now. We do well enough for ourselves financially, but there’s a price range I’m not willing to go over for groceries. So although this is sad at the moment; I really hope that Aldi or Lidl can somehow jump into those soon to be empty stores near me.” – M

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