5 reasons why the Charlotte Segway Tour should be on your to-do list

5 reasons why the Charlotte Segway Tour should be on your to-do list
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If you’ve lived in Charlotte for any amount of time, traipsed through Uptown on foot, and made your way past the (sometimes) gathered crowds at Trade and Tryon, you’ve definitely seen a group of helmet-clad goofballs piloting Segways.


That’s right – a Segway. Looked upon with jealous eyes by many a power-hungry CEO and mall cop alike. You, too, can be this cool. However, your entrance into Segway glory starts in the heart of the Queen City. Namely: Charlotte NC Tours.


I’ve been on a handful of Segway tours in my day. They are hilariously fun, packed with little tidbits of knowledge of the city you find yourself in. After taking our team on a tour of Uptown, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone (even you) needs to take this tour at some point. Here are five reasons why:

1) Team-building like you’ve never experienced

You can go for the ropes-course du jour, a cooking class, paintball, or whatever. But zipping from sidewalk to sidewalk with co-workers is a hoot. The impromptu “race” in front of Bank of America Stadium is bound to build serious camaraderie.

2) The tour guides will teach you more than you think

The half dozen or so times I’ve done this tour, I’m always surprised at how much knowledge I retain about how Charlotte became a notable city. These guys are so articulate and they’ll give you the lowdown on what our city has up its sleeve.

Without spoiling your prospective Segway journey, there are two things I loved learning from our rather adept tour guides:

On my first tour in 2013, we discovered some of Charlotte’s hidden art pieces. Namely, Continuum by Benjamin F. Long in the breezeway of 401 North Tryon (the TransAmerica Building). It’s probably one of the most striking pieces I’ve seen and it will command your attention. I had a blast spinning in circles on my ride to see all of its glory.

This past August, I learned a great deal about the Panthers. Though I’m not much of a football fan, I did love how much our guide knew about Jerry Richardson’s history in owning the team and also his venture in opening the first Hardee’s just down the road in Spartanburg, S.C. The more you know, folks.


(3) The photo opportunities… 

If you’re an unrelenting “like” hoarder or just incessantly vain, these photos will blow your social reach through the proverbial roof. Gaze upon these beauties:




4) A front row seat to see Charlotte’s growth

Starting at the center of town, working your way through all four wards and back will give you some scope into how Uptown is changing. You’re constantly dodging construction sites, new parks being built, and cranes, on cranes, on cranes. The view from Romare Bearden says it all.


5) You’ll leave feeling more connected to your city

We just did this tour again in August and it was still just as memorable, informative, and packed with laughable memories. The best part is how many you’ll leave with. There’s something about the memory of cruising by 7th Street Public Market, slapping the building, and watching the lights illuminate. All from the wheels and handlebars of a Segway.

Note: I’m a notorious rule breaker. You are advised to NOT use your mobile devices while on this tour. Sorry, Charlotte NC Tours. I’m a terrible person.

Check out Charlotte NC Tours here. They offer Segway tours year round, 7 days a week. Tours typically begin at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. Segways can go up to 12 mph. Pricing: 2 Hour Markets, Museums & Parks Segway Tour ($65), 1.5 Hour Historic Uptown Neighborhood Tour ($55) and Haunted Segway Tour ($65).

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