3 worries women in Charlotte aren’t sharing with their friends, according to a life coach

3 worries women in Charlotte aren’t sharing with their friends, according to a life coach
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As I wrapped up last year, I spent time thinking about what I wanted 2020 to look like.

I’d hit milestones that I was proud of, but also had some lingering pain points coming with me into the new year that I was looking to address. I wanted to chat with life coach Alexandra Kaval to see what other Charlotte women are focused on improving as they kick off the new decade.

Kaval is the founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching. She works with high-achieving, motivated females who are looking to level up in all areas of life. Although her coaching is religious-based, she also offers secular sessions, too. Kaval started her business in 2016, after working in leadership development and HR at big-name companies like Deloitte.

Kaval is uniquely positioned to reflect on some of the common concerns shared by women of varying ages, professions, and family makeups in our city.

These points may seem obvious, but if you’re experiencing them, it can feel lonely. If you identify with these, you’re not alone.

(1) Charlotte women are surrounded by connections, but still feel isolated

From the outside, it looks like many women in Charlotte have it all figured out. They have thousands of social media followers and packed schedules, but these connections may actually be more surface-level than they appear.

“They don’t have someone to go to when it’s time to share their struggles, doubts, or insecurities,” Kaval said. “They want to go deeper, and they’re missing that piece in their lives.”

Despite the fact that they know someone at every brewery they walk into, many of Kaval’s clients are craving a space to get vulnerable, present problems, and find solid advice.

She also noted this concern probably isn’t unique to women and she feels sympathetic for men. Men struggle with this same lack of deep connection, but have even fewer spaces where it’s deemed socially acceptable to divulge private feelings, she says.

(2) Charlotte women struggle with prioritizing their goals

Because Charlotteans are ambitious, they’ve got full plates and they have difficulty managing their time. Everything feels like a top priority.

Kaval is often tasked with helping her clients determine what they can strip away in order to be more intentional with their energy.

(3) Charlotte women are trying to gauge if they’re happy with their lives, or just happy with how things look on a resume

Before she was coaching, Kaval was working in corporate HR and putting in grueling hours. On paper, it looked great. She was achieving next-level productivity. But after taking a step back and analyzing how she truly felt about her work situation, she realized something was lacking.

“I’d done all the checkmarks. But then I was like, ‘How do I actually feel?’ How you feel about everything is as important if not more than what you’re actually doing.”

Kaval noted that this resume-building mindset is common among her clients, and requires a shift from focusing on box-checking to worrying about big-picture happiness in order to avoid living in pursuit of the weekend.

As they do a deep analysis of their lives, Kaval explained that her clients often realize they’re ultimately dealing with fear stemming from a lack of self-confidence. Regardless of what their goals may be, they’re not quite sure they have what it takes to execute them.

Bolstering this self-worth has become a key point of focus for many of her clients, whether they’re CEOs or stay-at-home-moms.

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