Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on the Foundation, moving to NYC, Panthers stadium, and exit 3A on interstate 277

Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on the Foundation, moving to NYC, Panthers stadium, and exit 3A on interstate 277
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: A question for Foundation For The Carolinas: ‘What does Charlotte stand for?’

“It is not palatable that we should support an organization (FFTC) that functions as a processing house for tax deductible donations from individuals who support organizations working against the soul of our community. Those individuals can still give and exercise their rights but our foundation doesn’t need to be their conduit just because it will generate income for the executives at the foundation and hide where an individual’s donations are going. – D

“What does the Axios Charlotte stand for? Pansy leftism? What’s up with this crybaby article? Have some respect for your readers!” – J

“C’mon folks, this is an unfair criticism. It’s like criticizing the bank that cleared the check written to a nonprofit you don’t like, or the mailman who delivered the check. It makes it look like you’re not trying to understand what a donor advised fund actually is. You really expect the foundation to adjudicate to whom these donors direct funds? I’m a fan of the Agenda and appreciate what you do, but this is off the mark and an unwarranted hit job on an organization we’re very lucky to have in Charlotte. ” – B

“Great article. Not sure I understand why the wavering by Marsicano and I sure would like to know which family charities are contributing to these hate groups. But most of all I applaud your handling of this issue. Bravo on starting to dig into real news stories that impact us all rather than just focusing on the latest brewery opening or where to get the best hair cuts.” – A

“That is the problem with donor-directed funds, sometimes you have wealthy donors that are also a**holes. The issue that I have with the FFTC is that with $2.6 billion in assets and a large staff, they have the time and resources to vet charities receiving their managed funds, whether donor-directed or not. If these anti-immigration ‘charities’ run counter to the mission or beliefs of the FFTC, which they clearly should, then they should decline to accept those donations.” – O

In response to: What to expect at Charlotte Christmas Village, open through December 24 in Uptown

“I liked it better at Romare, it lost a little bit of its magic in the parking lot.” – B

“The fudge booth is my favorite stop. The whole village is fun to stroll through.” – K

In response to: Fixing Charlotte’s buses is key in addressing upward mobility. But the system is underfunded by millions.

“My son attends an early college High School magnet, so he has been using CATS (including routes with transfers) for two years now. He always talks about how if he had to rely on the system for a job, he’d have been fired many times over by now, because it is so unreliable.” – L

“Maybe if there were turnstiles to get on the light-rail (which nobody pays for) CATS wouldn’t be in such a budget deficit.” – Z

“By far, the most annoying problem I have found is their app called RideCATS. It has great intentions. It’s designed to help you find the closest stop and tell you when the next bus is coming. The former works well, it’s the latter that is worse than having nothing. It appears to have been designed to show you where (on Google Maps) the next bus on your route is located. Here’s the crux of the problem. The “where” is based on an estimate of where the bus would be if it were running on schedule; NOT on an actual fix from the GPS on the bus. Wait, it get’s worse. There is no place in the app that tells you the bus on the map is just an estimate. So you can look at the map and think you’ve missed the bus when in fact it’s still minutes away. And if the bus is running late, it will force you to wait out in the cold and the rain because you might think it’s on time! It took me months to figure that out because I couldn’t imagine anyone would set up an app that way.” – T

“I usually ride my bike to work from South End to South Park and it takes me about 25-28 min (driving takes me 17-25 minutes depending on traffic/accidents.) Occasionally, when it’s raining, like it was on Saturday, I’ll ride the bus. I do this by choice. We have a car but choose not to drive it because of the environmental impact it causes. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only crazy person in the city that would ever choose to ride the bus given the way the current bus system is. I only have to take one bus, #19, to get to work off Sharon and Fairview. But in order to get to work by 9 a..m, I have to take the bus that leaves East and South at 7:47 a.m. due to the infrequency of the buses. I am sitting at work 45 minutes on a Saturday. Sounds like fun, right? Let’s make this sound even more fun – I finish work at 5 p.m. and the buses are only once an hour on weekends so I have to sit at the mall until 535 p.m., getting home at 6 p.m. on a Saturday. This is a weekend, when there’s no traffic, and my commute just using one bus takes two hours and 15 minutes. In Seattle, buses come every 12 minutes, at most every 20 minutes, including off-peak hours.”  – J

In response to: Couple in their 30s explains exactly what it’s like financially to move from Charlotte to New York City

“As a New Yorker, I laughed my way through this. They moved to literally the most expensive area of the most expensive borough in the entire city. The most expensive hair cut I ever got in a New York salon cost me $100 and it was a splurge. I never had a pet fee for any apartment. The public transportation alone will save you thousands when you consider gas, car payments, and insurance.” – A

“Moved to Charlotte from Manhattan with wifey earlier this year. Living in Charlotte is basically like living for free.” – D

“An article on what not to do when you move to Manhattan.” – V

“People who complain about the cost of living in Charlotte most likely have never been to another decent sized city to realize it’s relatively cheap here.” – D

“I left New York a year ago, almost to the day. Lived there my whole life, 42 years in queens. I am now in Indian land, SC. I can’t stress this enough. I will never go back to New York. Ever. I wish I did this as soon as I could have but the cards didn’t fall that way until last year. If you’re thinking of moving to New York, just don’t.” – S

“Yes, New York is expensive, but that couple is living in one of the least neighborhood-y, high cost areas of the city. Everything is more expensive there (including drinks) because it’s close to Central Park, a lot of hotels, and walking distance to Times Square, broadway shows, etc. If they get out of their neighborhood, things will be cheaper.” – A

In response to: An addict’s journey to recovery through the Community Matters Café

“This place is wonderful. My coworkers and I are here almost once a week.” – A

“Thank you so much for your in depth article about Community Matters Cafe and Tony. It’s so important for the community to understand the drivers of homelessness and/or addiction and how with some help, the homeless and addicted can find their way back to a good life. Please keep up the reporting on issues that are so crucial to all of us including our less fortunate neighbors.” – A

Update: Tony graduated from the program last week!

tony charlotte community matters graduation

In response to: Ice skating now open at the Whitewater Center — plus a half-mile illuminated walking trail

“Y’all skating and Christmas lights are like my favorite things of all time!” – A

“I can only imagine 500 people on there at once, will be a great time.” – D

In response to: The People’s Market opening a second location in historic firehouse Uptown

“We filmed a lot of Homeland season 2 in this building! Glad to see it getting repurposed again!” – R

“Wonderful establishment with great food. I hope they bring back the salmon BLT.” – N

“Whew! Thought another brewery was a brewin’.” – T

In response to: What’s it like when David Tepper casually mentions building a stadium on your property?

“While our stadium isn’t going to be compared to Lambeau or Solider fields any time soon, there isn’t anything wrong with being old.The one thing that would be a travesty is if it’s entirely indoors. Football is an outdoor sport.” – A

“I’m very excited to see what David Tepper, a billionaire and second richest NFL owner, does with the new stadium for the Panthers, his for-profit private business. I look forward to the big money-making concerts, expertly run beer festivals, and the like that will take place. After all, he can spend his money however he wants. I’m sure it will all be done with his own money, right?”- T

“Why do we even need a new stadium?” – C

“I’m not saying I’m 100% for it, but the reason the cost is generally split is because of the events the stadium would bring,  especially if it has a roof (ex, concerts). Look at anything held in the Spectrum Arena events but imagine it amplified. These events, like the Republican National Convention happening in August 2020 bring millions in revenue. Obviously, these stadiums are overpriced and it would take a while to pay off.” -N

“Current stadium is pretty sad looking. Let’s be honest.” – B

“Who would want to go if he does build it you take a chance on getting murdered. Crime through the retractable roof! – D

“This man has $13 billion and wants the taxpayer to foot the bill for his extravagance.” – G

In response to: This new Dilworth skincare practice is so popular, it’s booked out until March of 2020

“Smart businesswoman! She should write a book.” – S

“How old is she? I only ask because if she’s under a certain age, what does she really know about aging? Regardless , it’s nice to read about someone rocking her business and I respect not trying to build an empire. – H

In response to: After a 30-day digital declutter, I became a digital minimalist and it changed my life

“I got off Facebook months ago! Just cleaned up my email list and silenced unknown calls on my iPhone! I retired  four years ago at 58 after 30 years with the same large company (had enough of the email, text, calls ). I wish people would lay the phone down and talk in person instead of looking at the damn phone all the time! Life is short.” – B

In response to: Interstate 277’s Frogger-like exit 3A into NoDa may see changes — but it’ll be years

“That exit does give me hope for humanity. It is a complete cluster but everyone seems to work together to make it work. What stresses me most is when you give a driver space to move over and they don’t take it.” – B

“I feel like I should win a prize every time I navigate this accident free.” – M

“I like at 5 o’clock when the train blocks all of North Davidson for 15 minutes during rush hour. It’s my favorite!” – B

“I was driving that once with my son who has a permit and his comment was, ‘ya know, maybe driving isn’t for me.'” – N

“F***** that exit. I always just skip it and go to Graham and cut through via 16th to Brevard to get to my apartment on north Davidson. The extra few minutes is peaceful and safe.” – M

“It’s kind of fun though.” – K

“That exit is a JOKE, it’s a disgrace.” – B

“Whoever designed 277 made it for 250,000 people, not 2 million people. – S

“Literally close my eyes and pray for the best.” – T

“I-277 outer loop exit to Independence is worse. You have the majority of traffic coming from 3rd/4th Streets trying to merge onto I-277 and get left 3 lanes (to stay on I-277), while you have the majority of traffic from I-277 trying to get right 2 lanes to exit onto Independence. It backs up every day, and can happen at any time. Last night at 8 p.m., traffic was completely stopped on I-277 just because of merging traffic at this exit. Seems like it never gets any attention, but it’s easily one of the worst intersections in Charlotte.” – S

In response to: View 12 photos and full menu at Indaco, an Italian restaurant opening in South End

“I really appreciate the smaller menu given that Charlotte tends to go all ‘Cheesesteak Factory’ with its menus. I see all these restaurants trying unsuccessfully trying to be everything to everybody. Yawn.” – J

“Can we please give a round of applause for Atherton? That whole new develop looks cool and is full of cool concepts. Well done Mr. Developer, well done.” – W

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a 36-year-old mother’s $54,000 salary

“Someone needs to read the lord and savior Dave Ramsey.” – S

“It’s easy to judge from afar, however numbers don’t lie. This woman needs some professional help from a financial advisor, whether or not she has realized it. Her spending indicates she’s living for the day to day to indicate she has more money than she actually does (maintaining hair, nails, waxing, and massages), but there are many expenses that could be trimmed to cut out her debt and help her save.” – J

“I wish I could sit down and help this woman, but she also has to be willing to want to help herself. If she really wants to get out of the very little amount of debt she has, she needs to get serious. Stop going out of town, stop paying for others meals, cut ALL the subscriptions and stop shopping, seriously! I appreciate her honestly, but nothing is going to change unless SHE chooses to do a lot of things differently. I wish her the best on her journey.” – J

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