The 8 best hot chocolates in Charlotte

The 8 best hot chocolates in Charlotte
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We all have fun facts about ourselves. Mine is that I’ve never had a cup of coffee. So while everyone’s warming up over a hot cup of joe this winter, I stick with the same cafe order I’ve had since I was a kid: hot chocolate.

I know I’m not the only adult hot chocolate-er out there. So I’ve ranked the eight best hot chocolates in Charlotte for you, in no specific order.

(1) Amélie’s

Homemade whip

I would say “best homemade whip,” but Amélie’s is the only place I found that actually makes its own ($3.79). But honestly, for a place that takes the time to handcraft delicious whipped cream, they could pile it on a little more.


(2) Not Just Coffee


Made with mocha syrup and whole milk ($4.17), this simple beauty is sure to get you some likes. I also heard a rumor that they’re thinking about offering homemade marshmallows which would be a game-changer.

Pro Tip: The kids’ hot chocolate is smaller and lower in temperature.

(3) Crispy Crepe

Most chocolately

I’ve worked in South End for seven years and never set foot in Crispy Crepe before trying this. But the super chocolatey hot cocoa ($4.86), drizzled with even more Ghirardelli chocolate, constitutes a return trip. Is it too much chocolate? I don’t think so.

But then again, I’ve been known to eat Hersey’s syrup off a spoon.

(4) Central Coffee

Least sweet

If extra chocolate isn’t your thing, Central Coffee makes their own chocolate mix with just cocoa and a little bit of sugar. The result is a tasty but not overly sweet hot chocolate ($3.63).

Pro Tip: If you need more sweetness, ask for a few scoops of sprinkles on top.

(5) Mugs


Mugs hot chocolate seems pretty basic until you take a sip and taste the secret ingredient: cinnamon. The little extra spice, combined with their generous froth, makes this the most one-of-a-kind hot chocolate ($3.24) on the list.

(6) Lincoln’s Haberdashery

Most local

I’m not surprised that Lincoln’s has the most made-from-scratch cocoa on this list. They start every cup by grinding up Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate into a powder for a dense, dark chocolately cocoa ($4.33)

(7) Eddie’s Place

Best price

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple hot cocoa then Eddie’s is your, well, place. You can get your cocoa with a side of an entire waffle ($3.75) for less than a hot chocolate at most places.

(8) Café Monte

Most whip

Café Monte must know that hot chocolate is basically an excuse to eat a gallon of whipped cream because this doesn’t hold back ($4.50). The cherry is an excellent touch, although I’m disappointed that not one establishment offers marshmallows.

Pro Tip: You won’t actually find hot chocolate on the menu; it’s hidden under the name “Chocolate Chaud.” I took French in high school — it means “Chocolate Hot.”

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