Executive Assistant (HIRED)

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Spiracle Media is a video content agency built to tell stories, a recent Fast 50 and Best Places to Work winner with a strong commitment to the individual’s impact on the team and business.

The exciting growth, dedication to partner relationships and the fast-moving world of video production creates the need for ongoing operational, administrative support and collaboration.

The specific tasks that make up a given day in the life of this Executive Assistant will change from day-to-day based on the needs of the Spiracle Media CEO and the Spiracle Media team, but will generally be accomplished through the five areas of responsibility below.
• Task Management: Monitor incoming task requests for CEO, and work closely with him to clearly keep up with priorities and deadlines as they fluctuate based on the needs of the business and progress from key partners.
• Cultivating Relationships: Maintain ongoing relationships between CEO and key partners, including employees, contractors and vendors we partner with for resourcing, promotions, content, or other needs.
• Complex Calendar Management: Manage all incoming & outgoing scheduling requests along with an “Ideal Week”, to keep Google Calendar updated with a complete and accurate picture of daily meetings, appointments, and protected focus time.
• Meeting & Event Preparation: Ensure all scheduled meetings have a prepared agenda, location, and any related resources ready and available before the actual meeting begins; this may require running errands in the Charlotte area as well. For in-person events, this may also include venue & food coordination as well as note-taking or meeting facilitation.
• Travel Reservation/Management: Maintain Spiracle Media team travel reservations to various shoots across the country. Monitoring costs, mileage accounts and working with producers to make sure teams are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

• High Level of Flexibility: With the nature of the CEO’s role as a leader in our company, things can change very quickly for him on a regular basis. His EA needs to be someone who is very flexible, adaptable, responsive, and not easily flustered by a change of plans.
• Anticipating Needs: As a part of our commitment to enabling our CEO to serve our company and Spiracle Media customers at the top of his game, our EA will strive to anticipate needs and eliminate friction at work and at home whenever possible. This means you know how to stay five steps ahead of your leader, clearing the path for him to make his greatest contribution.
• Solution Oriented: This person will know there are many roads that lead to the destination, but will be focused on the best solution for the problem at hand.
• Quality Communication: The EA must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This also includes being able to take a large amount of information and summarize it quickly both in writing and orally on a regular basis. You must also be able to track communication (and be very responsive) across multiple channels without losing any details. Those channels could include in-person meetings, virtual video calls, Slack messages, text messages and/or emails.
• High Level of Discretion: Since our EA will regularly work with confidential information and occasionally high-profile individuals, discretion and sensitivity regarding confidential information is a must.
• Positive Attitude: Our executive assistant will have a can-do spirit, is fun to be around, and does not complain or make excuses.
• Team Work: This EA role will work closely with other Spiracle Media team members and will need to be able to collaborate and communicate well with them.

This position has been filled. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.