The 11 best places in Charlotte to cry in public

The 11 best places in Charlotte to cry in public
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When’s the last time you had a good cry? Mine was in the parking lot of urgent care when I got yelled at by a parking attendant for using the wrong lot. It wasn’t at all rational, and the parking man was very confused, but damn did it feel good.

This article is for the times you just can’t wait to get home for the ever-popular shower cry.

Here are the 11 best public places to cry in Charlotte.

Go on, let it out.


(1) The South End Heart Wall

There’s nothing more emo than crying in front of a wall of hearts.

You’ll also help out the rest of us by scaring off that wannabe-influencer trying to take her 15th heart wall selfie with a scoop of Jeni’s.

(2) Lucky Dog Bark & Brew

Cry because you love dogs.

Cry because dogs don’t live long enough.

Cry because that Chihuahua won’t stop humping everybody.

(3) The line at Brickyard

Everyone will be too drunk to ask if you’re ok.

There’s also a really good chance that an intoxicated 22-year-old in a leopard print romper will be crying along with you.

(4) Metropolitan Parking Deck

This one is from experience.

The dim lighting and chance of death by head-on collision make this a great place to cry about Target’s terrible store layout.

(5) Sleepy Poet Antique Mall

Grab some stale candy from the check-out counter, wedge yourself between two haunted blanket chests, and snuggle up in the least smelly fur.

Then you can let the tears flow freely.

(6) The bridge at Freedom Park

People will assume you just got engaged, are filming your audition for The Bachelor, or sat in goose poop.

(7) Founder’s Hall (especially during the holidays)

Are you moved by the robot bear orchestra’s rendition of “Holly Jolly Christmas?”

Or did you have an exceptionally challenging try-on experience inside the Ivy & Leo dressing room?

Passerby will never know.

(8) The Cotswold Chick-fil-A

Start your cry while blocking Randolph Road traffic for 10 minutes just trying to turn in.

Once you’re out of the road and aggressive drivers stop flipping you the bird, you’re sure to get some comfort from one of the 1,000 moms in the parking lot.

Or at least a waffle fry.

(9) Max and Lola’s parking lot

Lose yourself while staring at the colorful murals.

Bonus: People will think you’re crying over the loss of overpriced CBD products.

(10) Airport Overlook

The perfect place to go when need an ugly, hiccup-y cry.

All your nasally nonsense will be muted by jet engines and screaming toddlers whose parents also want to cry.

(11) Bank of America Stadium

With the way they played last week, you won’t be the only one.

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