The 10 most beautiful luxury streets in Charlotte, ranked

The 10 most beautiful luxury streets in Charlotte, ranked
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Luxury house hunting? Here’s a quick list of the 10 most beautiful streets in Charlotte, ranked.

After conversations with real estate agents and residents, and two days worth of slowly driving around beautiful streets in Charlotte (I looked really creepy), here’s a list of the most beautiful residential streets in Charlotte. Streets are ranked based on design, lot size, desirability, home architecture, landscaping, and walkability.

Streets range from a charming street in Dilworth to classic streets in Eastover and famous streets in Myers Park.

#10 Mount Vernon Avenue

This charming, wide Dilworth street features sidewalks on both sides. Although it’s less than a mile from Uptown, Mount Vernon Avenue feels as if you’re in the country.


Stats: There are 46 homes on Mount Vernon Avenue, most of which are around $1 million. No homes are currently for sale.

mount vernon street in charlotte

#9 Beresford Road

Located less than a mile from SouthPark mall and a short walk to Foxcroft Hills Swim & Racquet Club, Bersford Road is lined with multi-million dollar homes in the heart of Foxcroft. In fact, near the intersection of Warburton and Bersford you’ll find two homes across from one another each valued at well over $4 million.

Stats: The are 41 homes on Bersford Road with values ranging from $1.25 million to $4.71 million. There are currently no homes for sale on this street.

Neighborhood: Foxcroft offers an Eastover-like feel with quiet beautiful streets like Pomfret, Beretania and Lemon Tree. And if you’re looking for a streets with a divided center median, check our Foxcroft Road and Arbor Way.

bersford road in foxcroft charlotte

bersford road foxcroft charlotte

#8 Queens Road East

Often overlooked by those who don’t know Charlotte residential real estate, Queens Road East offers the same large lots and beautiful architecture as Queens Road West but on a much quieter street. It’s located near the Myers Park Country Club driving range.

Stats: There are 34 homes on Queens Road East, most of which are around $2 million. There are currently no homes for sale.

queens road east myers park

queens road east charlotte

#7 Sherwood Avenue

It’s the classic Myers Park street. If you’re looking for something even quieter, check out Brandon Road next to Sherwood Avenue.

Stats: Sherwood Avenue runs from Queens Road West, through Queens Road (I know that’s confusing) all the way to Beverly. There are a total of 85 houses on Sherwood Avenue, most of which are between $1.5 million and $2.5 million in value. There are none for sale at this time.

sherwood avenue myers park charlotte

#6 Colville Road

As the longest street in Eastover, Colville runs from Randolph Road to Providence.

Stats: The are 84 homes on Colville Road. The best stretch of this Eastover street goes from Randolph Road to Lockley Drive. Almost all of the homes on the tree-lined road with sidewalks on both sides are over $2 million.

Home for sale: There is only one home for sale on Colville Road. The 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house is asking $1,675,000.

colville charlotte house

house on colville road charlotte

#5 Hempstead Place

Hemptstead Place offers a wide range of properties, although they’re all ridiculously nice. Some lots are .3 acres while others are a whopping 3 acres.

Stats: With 93 homes, Hemsptead Place is the largest residential street in Eastover. The stretch of large lots from Colville to Lockley Drive features many homes over $3 million and a few over $4 million. There are no homes for sale on Hempstead Place.

hempstead place eastover charlotte

#4 Cherokee Road

Located between Myers Park and Elizabeth, Eastover is the most beautiful neighborhood in Charlotte. And along with Colville, Cherokee is one of Eastover’s longest streets, featuring 15 homes valued over $3 million.

Stats: There are 51 homes on Cherokee Road. The best stretch of Cherokee Road are the spacious lots (one is 1.95 acres) stretching from Fenton Place to Eastover Road. Fourteen out of the 16 homes on this stretch are valued over $3 million.

Home for sale: There is only one home for sale on Cherokee Road. The 4-bedroom, 4-bath brick home is asking $2,595,000.

houses on cherokee road charlotte

cherokee road in charlotte nc

#3 Queens Road West

Located in the heart of Myers Park, this is Charlotte’s signature street. It’s a busy street, but it’s also the most famous. And don’t forget, while many associate Queens Road West with the popular “Booty Loop” the street extends all the way to Queens.

Stats: Queens Road West features 127 homes and a handful of townhomes. Unlike other streets on this list, there are six homes for sale on Queens Road West ranging from $1.68 million to $2.52 million.

queens road west street and houses in charlotte

queens road west houses in myers park charlotte

#2 Hermitage Road

There’s a reason that the Duke Mansion is located on this quiet Myers Park road — it’s beautiful. Located between Queens Road and Providence, Hermitage Road is a hidden gem with large lots. Similar to Eastover Road, it’s regarded by many as the No. 1 street in Charlotte, and with such a low inventory of houses, it’s very exclusive.

Stats: There are 20 homes on Hermitage Road. Several are around or above $4 million in value. None are for sale.

hermitage road charlotte

hermitage road in charlotte

#1 Eastover Road

It’s not a long street, but with huge lots and no cut-through traffic at all.

Stats: There are only 21 homes on Eastover Road. All 21 homes are valued over $3 million and six of the homes are valued over $4 million. There are no homes for sale.

eastover road charlotte

houses on eastover road charlotte

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