Planning an outdoor wedding? This “Meteorologist to the Stars” offers packages non-celebs can afford

Planning an outdoor wedding? This “Meteorologist to the Stars” offers packages non-celebs can afford
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For couples planning an outdoor wedding, navigating the weather adds another element of stress to the process. That’s where meteorologist Wayne Mahar comes in.

While he can’t control the forecast for you, Mahar, owner of York, South Carolina-based Precision Weather Service, helps couples know what to expect so they can prepare accordingly.

Mahar is known as the “Meteorologist to the Stars.” He’s provided forecasts for events like The Oscars, Cannes Film Festival, the Super Bowl, the MLB All-Star Game, and the weddings of celebrities like Heidi Klum, assorted Kardashians, Erin Andrews, Adam Levine and Reese Witherspoon.

Though Mahar and his team of 15 meteorologists frequently provide forecasts for A-listers and major events, their services are also accessible to normal people with their own big days at stake.

wayne mahar

Though the science behind Mahar’s forecasts is complex, his office setup is simpler than you might expect

Having a personal meteorologist is more affordable than you think.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the forecasting you’re looking for, but a daily, detailed forecast and 24-hour access to your own meteorologist starts between $200-$500.


Considering the average wedding in the U.S. costs $29,200, the fee isn’t outrageous.

But it’s that budget that has Katrina Hutchins, owner of Katrina Hutchins Events, unsure if her clients would pay for such a service. She calls the idea “very fascinating” but notes, “By the end of planning a wedding, you’re typically so over the budget that you thought you were going to be within that by the time this sort of idea rolls around it’s like, ‘No, we’re beyond what we want to spend.'”

Samie Roberts, owner and lead planner at Something Perfect Weddings & Events, has a different perspective. She says, “Without a doubt, I think people would pay for this. In the grand scheme of wedding expenses, this is a small percentage. Couples have to decide days in advance if they want to pay for and put up a tent for an outdoor wedding. An investment in a meteorologist could easily save you $1,250 or more.”

Side note: According to Mahar’s data, if you’re looking to schedule an outdoor event in Charlotte, March and August are the two months you’ll want to avoid. Between volatile temperatures and high probability of pop-up thunderstorms, it’s better to save yourself the headache and choose another month.

Mahar and his team are able to take a targeted approach to forecasting.

Mahar, who is also a TV meteorologist in Syracuse, New York, explains that TV meteorologists have to “broad brush” things, as they have just a few minutes to deliver a report that covers a large geographical area.

When he and his team prepare forecasts for private clients, however, they’re able to zero in on one location, making it easier to get extremely specific with their predictions.

With so many other day-of stressors in the mix, being able to prepare for weather that’s coming your way (even if you can’t change it) seems helpful for couples on their big day.

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