Grade yourself: How Charlotte Millennial are you?

Grade yourself: How Charlotte Millennial are you?
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Just how big of a Charlotte millennial are you? Follow the instructions below and tally up your score.

Instructions: Give yourself 1 point for each of the following Charlotte activities you’ve done.

  • Taken a scooter to work
  • Sipped Truly, White Claw, Brizo and/or Bon & Viv at a rooftop pool
  • Purchased a cocktail over $14 (add extra point if you photographed it)
  • Attended a baby’s birthday party at a brewery
  • Ordered a cocktail that’s served with smoke
  • Left a job within 12 months of taking it
  • Stacked a sandwich for the perfect Instagram
  • Received a brunch bill over $50
  • Posted a sunset photo of Lake Norman
  • Attended a brewery yoga class
  • Started a side hustle (add extra point if it’s pre-revenue)
  • Taken a selfie at the South End Confetti Hearts Wall
  • Paid over $7 for a coffee drink
  • Ghosted someone on a dating app
  • Slid into someone’s DMs (add extra point if it worked)
  • Signed your pup up for doggy daycare or a dog walking service
  • Tweeted at Brad Panovich
  • Worn AirPods and/or Apple Watch
  • Posted a photo of your Jeni’s ice cream on Instagram before you had a lick
  • Participated in a bar crawl
  • Have already been to Snooze because you have to try new stuff
  • Explain something new to your boss/office because they’re too old to understand it
  • Consumed oat milk
  • Tailgated the Panthers game even though you didn’t have tickets
  • Spent over $25 for a workout class
  • Have a bill paid by a parent (add extra point if it’s rent)
  • Been to a dog bar or cat café
  • Danced at Roxbury
  • Sipped a cocktail with egg whites
  • Used a CBD product
  • Attended a Bachelorette viewing party

Tally your points. And here’s your grade.

  • 1-5 points: Check out this baby boomer
  • 6-10 points: You try to keep up with trends, but who has the time?
  • 11-15: Young enough to know Old Town Road, too old to understand why it’s so popular
  • 16-20: You’re lowkey a snowflake, homie
  • 21-25: You definitely follow Chrissy Teigen and AOC on Twitter
  • 25+: Yas, you’re like so millennial right now!

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