Video Producer

This position has been filled or has expired. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.

Interested in working for the baddest marketing company in Charlotte? Want to work with leading brands in the youth and motorsports industry all while riding scooters throughout the office? Then Theory Communication & Design is the place for you. We are a youthful Marketing, Advertising and Design Agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have a robust client roster that consistently demands nothing short of excellence and we’re looking for this position to continually push the envelope and surpass their expectations.

We are currently looking to fill the role of Video Producer, to add to our Video/Content Team. We are looking for someone that has experience in producing shoots, working budgets and billing, dealing with proper processes, able to travel and work collectively with our teams. We are looking for someone that is motivated and enjoys the world of Video. Can help us schedule and manage current shoots, all while working a calendar of upcoming shoots and events.

We are a team and a family. We watch out for each other. We are there for each other. We are simply better together. Theory continues to grow each year, with little slow down in site. We believe that if we find the right people, that are passionate about what they are doing and has the opportunity to work with a team of people that has their back relentlessly, we won’t have to work a day in our life. We get to do this!

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Below is a sample rundown of the type of work we are looking for:
•  Help create content plans with minimal direction. Content plans consist of concept outline, capture dates, release dates, budget and targeting strategy.
• Schedule pre-production meetings based off of our work back schedules.
• Act as an authority and enforce these work back schedules.
• Create an in-depth production calendar that allows for insertion of new projects and highlights overlaps in shoot dates. Management of this calendar and acting as an authority on scheduling when a new project is proposed or when projects conflict.
• Traffic approval of all scripts/briefs. Ensure scripts and briefs are approved and finalized on time. If a brief or script has not been created on schedule, step in and assist in the creation of a brief or script.
• Traffic shot list/storyboard to the client.
• Gather all permissions needed for shooting on site such as credentials, location permits and waiver/release forms.
• Create an on-site production itinerary.
• Book all travel for the video team. Travel plans should be based around our production itinerary and optimized for maximum efficiency when on site.
• Gather and traffic post production assets like voice over, video assets, music purchases and effects purchases.
• Traffic approval for equipment rental and or purchases.
On-site production
• Client/talent-facing when on site. Walking the client/talent through our script and production itinerary. Guiding the on-screen talent through interviews or speaking parts.
• Time management on site, making sure the production team stays on schedule with the itinerary and shot list.
• Trafficking all final video files to the client.
• Communicating with the client directly on any feedback or revisions. Filtering the feedback or revisions to the video team.
• Finding and scheduling shoot times with talent, locations or clients.
• Hourly time tracking on all projects.
• Keeping every project in adherence to budget both in hard costs (gear, travel, etc.) and soft costs (Theory hours projected) and being the sole person responsible for all costs.

Below are some sample video projects from our team to help inspire you:
• Mobil 1 Protecting History – Luftgekuhlt (This is on Porsche’s YT channel). Link.
• Mobil 1 – 24 Hours of Le Mans. Link.
• Mobil 1 Protecting History – Rennsport Reunion. Link.
• Mobil 1 Protecting History – Four Till Four. Link.

What it’s like to work with us:
Ultimately, we want you to be so dedicated to over-delivering on every task and so dedicated to our team that you grow far beyond the scope of this position here at Theory and into larger roles. You are our future and we want you to show us that future. There is a ceiling to this whole business on what you can accomplish – and the person that sets that ceiling is YOU. The ball will constantly be in your court. You will have all the chances in the world to shine and to be a part of one amazing youthfully-minded and continuously-evolving creative agency. You will be surrounded by a full team. You will never be left alone. Your success and joy in this environment is our success and joy. But it all starts with making a difference in someone’s life. If you need to do that to be happy, you’ll be happy with us.