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Digi-Bridge’s Chief Executive Officer is the key management and fundraising leader of the organization. The CEO is responsible for overseeing the administration, fundraising, programs and the strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include marketing and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors. In addition to the duties, the CEO is both accessible and responsive to all shareholders. The CEO is responsible for the enhancement of Digi-Bridge’s image by being active and visible in the Charlotte community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.
• Administration. The CEO is responsible for the general health of the organization and is charged with establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation of the nonprofit.
• Fundraising. The CEO is responsible for the fiscal integrity of the organization. He/she leads all fundraising efforts and is expected to maintain accurate financial records, with support from a contract accountant. The CEO provides the Board with a proposed annual budget and quarterly budget updates. The CEO is the fiscal manager – operating the organization within the approved budget, ensuring maximum resource utilization and maintaining the organization’s financial health.
• Programs. The CEO is charged with leading all Advocacy efforts and setting the policy agenda for each year. The CEO supports the CAO as he/she leads Courses and Consultancy. Collectively, the CEO, CAO and Operations Manager codesign course offerings and consultancy tools.
• Strategic plan. The CEO is responsible for strategic planning to ensure that Digi-Bridge can successfully fulfill its Mission into the future. He/she oversees strategic plan revisions on an ongoing basis and will liaise with the Board of Directors to update the strategic plan annually.

Major responsibilities:
• Develop and implement tools to track and monitor staff performance, including outputs and outcomes.
• Lead weekly staff meetings, provide reports during board meetings and liaise with key staff to ensure that meeting agendas and other artifacts are developed and stored for record keeping purposes.
• Serve as the liaison between staff and the Board of Directors.
• Be responsible for financial record keeping. He/she will have access to a contract accountant and administrative support, but will be charged with ensuring all affairs are orderly and accessible to shareholders.
• Oversee all calendars and maintain weekly communication with the Board to ensure health of relationships and work/life balance of staff.
• Be responsible for carrying out or delegating, any other duties related to this role not mentioned here.
• Develop a yearly budget for the Board’s review and approval.
• Lead all fundraising efforts and maintain both the Grants tracker and the CRM.
• Coordinate twice-yearly giving events to raise organization’s profile and engage new and existing donors.
• Innovatively approach fundraising and ensure that all activities are approved by legal counsel.
• Set forth a yearly Programs agenda.
• Be responsible for the management of the Advocacy agenda.
• Support staff with the management of all activities.
• Approve all program plans, including budgets and partnership agreements.
Strategic plan
• Maintain the strategic plan.
• Work with the Board to update the strategic plan annually.
• Reference the strategic plan at the board meetings and he/she will show alignment between the plan and all activities/actions.

Experience and skills:

• Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years in the K-12 education nonprofit space with evidence of extensive school to community outreach work.
• Willingness to rethink traditional pedagogy.
• Superior problem-solving and analytical skills.
• Excellent organizational skills and effective time manager.
• Ability to vision set and engage shareholders in movement towards fulfillment.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Comfort with public speaking and strong writing/editing skills.
• Self-motivation and the ability to manage a high volume of projects with competing deadlines.
• Strong desire and ability to work effectively with persons from diverse generational, religious, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
• Comfort in a Web-based software environment, proficiency in basic Microsoft programs (such as Excel and Word) and the willingness and ability to learn new software platforms.
• At least 5 years in a nonprofit leadership role including significant fundraising responsibility.
• Master’s degree in education, nonprofit management or business.
• Familiarity with the educational and fundraising community in Charlotte, NC.
• Knowledge of social media outlets and management with an understanding of its role in community-building as well as a desire and ability to learn new technology platforms quickly (including self-directed instruction).

The ideal candidate is comfortable:
• Managing in an ever-changing environment while maintaining a bold vision for the future.
• Creating and implementing tools to support planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation.
• Developing budgets, preparing reports, analyzing strengths and areas for growth and forecasting future opportunities.
• Interacting with business and school district leadership.
• Managing relationships both in and out of the schoolhouse.
• Evaluating program impact and sharing stories of success publicly.


Physical and environmental demands:
• Coworking office, community and schoolhouse environments.
• Ability to work in the office with typical office equipment, but also in the community via laptop and telecommunication tools.
• Evening and weekend work will be required to support visibility and programs.
• Physical mobility required for most, if not all, activities.

This position has been filled. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.